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Any Aflac Disability Insurance?

So I have this issue on my leg and if it gets any worse I am worried they will put me on bed rest. If they do, I have Aflac disability insurance but how does that work? I only get 6 weeks partial pay for maternity leave at work.... but then how does that work if I were to need to go on bed rest? Would they have to let me be at home - just unpaid? I dont want to ask HR because she isn't one of the most understanding people in the world... help??
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Re: Any Aflac Disability Insurance?

  • I think it can vary by state but the way I understand it from my Aflac rep is that they cover 6 weeks for vaginal delivery, 8 weeks for c section on a problem free delivery;  but if complications arise before or after delivery and you get put on bed rest or the dr. prescribes more time off, then the full 26 weeks is available to you.
  • Hmmm...would you have to take 26 weeks???
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  • No- what I meant was that if your doctor had you off work due to complications arising then you would be eligible for up to 26 weeks, not just limited to the maternity clause.

    Example- if you have a normal delivery, no complications then they limit it to the 6 or 8 weeks

    If you get put on bedrest 4 weeks prior to delivery then you would be eligible for 10-12 weeks disability pay (the 4 weeks prior and then the standard 6 or 8 weeks PP)

  • Also, if you happen to have the hospital confinement or personal sickness plan then those policies pay on top of your disability plan as well. Those 2 plans pay based on the number of days you're admitted in the hospital.
  • Awesome, thanks for the advice....sounds like if that were to happen all would be okay! Thank you!

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