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I had an ultrasound on Friday and the tech said that I had a dominant follicle in my right ovary that measured 1.4mm ... millimeters, she said clearly.  I figure, DH and I have time to BD.  Besides, she also told me that I had an adenomyosis ... which kept me really depressed most of the weekend.  So fast forward to today ...

I read the ultrasound report today, and the radiologist's report says that the dominant follicle 1.4cm ... as in CENTIMETERS.

By today, if growing normally, this follicle is ready to pop, and DH won't be home to BD until 7pm!! 

I'm so depressed again, I may have had a fertilizable egg, but because the ultrasound tech read millimeters instead of centimeters, I may have missed it.

ho hum. 




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