3rd Trimester

Random questions

I'm in my 36th week - almost 37 and lately I've been noticing that I feel this sort of ache/pressure in my groin area when I stand up after sitting. It feels weird, but I don't think the baby has moved down yet, at least not that I can tell (don't know how long that takes anyway).

I am also feeling these weird sharp pains in my urethra - it only happens occasionally, when I'm standing or walking. Doesn't burn when I pee or anything, so I don't think it's a urinary tract infection, but I am tempted to talk to my doctor anyway, just in case. Just want to know if anyone else felt that too?

Also,  because I've been diagnosed with gestational hypertension and we are on the lookout for preeclampsia I'm wondering if anyone has felt stiff, swollen knuckles on their fingers or if I should mention that to my doctor in case it's a symptom. My hands aren't swollen, but my knuckles are and they're tight and painful to bend (unless I move them frequently, and then the pain goes away and they're a little less stiff). Is this normal?

I can't wait to meet the baby - this is taking forever!

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