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Ontario 2+ moms - what are the costs?

I've heard there are some costs with things like name registration / birth certificate  and I'm concerned that I won't have put aside enough for some of these incidentals. 

Also, I'm having a boy and plan to have him circumsized, I hear this isn't covered by OHIP, anyone know how much this will run me? 

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Re: Ontario 2+ moms - what are the costs?

  • All of the information and prices about the documentation can be found here: http://www.ontario.ca/en/life_events/baby/004436.html

    As for circumcision it can range from about $250-450. Talk to your OB/midwife and they'll give you some names so you can call around and get information. 

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  • As PP said the circumcision costs will cary by doctor and/or hospital. A call to the hospital you will be delviering at should clear that up for you.




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  • My SIL just got her little boy circumcised in Ontario (the oakville area) and it cost around $300, Hope that helps give you an idea!
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  • I am getting my boy circumcised too and I called my hospital. They do it for $250 as an outpatient procedure. 
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  • The registration is free, getting a birth certificate costs. you can get the long form (which you need to get a passport) or the small wallet sized one that can be used for everything else. I believe they are each around $25. Circumcision depends on your practitioner but is anywhere from $150 to $300. Other than that, the only cost you will encurr is the extra cost of a semi or private hospital room if you choose one and do not have benefits. OHIP only pays for a group room (max of 4 women and babies).
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