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Baby shower question...

My mom is throwing me one and she was asking me what time of day is best to have it....

I have only been to maybe 3 baby showers and I know it's going to be on a weekend, but what time of day are they usually held at? I know all the ones I've been to have been at like 2pm or 3pm, but I'm not baby shower expert so what is your opinions on it? 


Re: Baby shower question...

  • We had my wedding shower at 1pm. It was perfect because I have family that live about an hour away and they could drive home before it got too late.

    We will probably have my baby shower at the same time. 

    ETA: Plus more often than not, food will be served, and if you go too late its a weird in between time for some.

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  • I'm planning on having my Baby Shower, from around 11AM to 3PM. Brunch/Lunch style
  • Thanks ladies! Most helpful! We have family friends coming from over 3 hours away and others will be traveling as well, so I want to make it pretty easy on them as well as those with little ones!
  • My sister is planning mine. I believe it's going to be on a Saturday around 1-2pm. Most of the ones that I have been to have been between 2 and 4, with an occasional one at 5 or 7.
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  • I think it's best to have it at a non-meal time unless you plan on providing a meal.  Most of the showers (bridal and baby) that I've gone to have been around 1-3pm.
  • It really depends on the type of shower you want and whether your guests have to travel.  I think a start time anywhere between 11am and 3pm is generally fine, but I've also helped host and attend couples baby showers where alcohol is served which are evening events.  I also had a friend that wanted an evening, desserts only shower for just the girls, so that is what we did.  If you do an early event (11am), then brunch should be served.
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  • The showers I've been too have all been around 1 - 2. That gives people time to grab something to eat for lunch and get there and it usually means that people are out early enough to enjoy the rest of their day. (Not that showers aren't enjoyable...but personally I feel like they are a pain and ruin my day lol)
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