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Anyone else not know you get examined every week now??

Fun surprise at the dr office today when the nurse handed  me a gown LOL I didn't know that after 35 weeks, you get your cervix examined every appointment now. My husband isn't even getting that much action! LOL

Re: Anyone else not know you get examined every week now??

  • I definitely don't get a cervical exam every week from 35 on. my dr. asked if I wanted it at 37 (or maybe 38?) weeks last time, and said it was optional.

    I opted for it last time but this time I think I'll hold off till at least 39 unless I'm having contractions or if I change my mind (I reserve the right!!) Wink

  • I honestly don't know what my OB's policy is on this.  I saw him today (36w2d) and did not get an exam.  I think it's because we'll be inducing next week.  He did tell me he wanted to check my cervix next Tuesday so he knows which meds he wants to use for the induction.
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  • I knew my doc's office started them at 36 weeks. Mine started at 34 thanks to some contractions and an L&D visit. The cervical checks are definitely not fun!

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  • I'm 36 weeks and my MW hasn't mentioned anything at all about cervical checks.
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  • I won't be getting one until probably 38 weeks.  I feel it will be kinda pointless to get one on my visit on Thurs being only 36, and I feel the same way at 37 unless I'm having questionable labor symptoms.

    But I will say that I WAS surprised at my last visit b/c I'd forgotten it was time for my Strep B test so I didn't get to 'prepare' down there.  Luckily I was fairly well groomed, but that was literally just by chance!  I should probably pay more attention to it from now on.  I'll also try and make sure my toenails are painted pretty from here on out so they look nice whenever I deliver.  I remember the nurses last time commented on them when I was delivering DD.. Lol.

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  • My doctor doesn't start cervical exams until 38 weeks unless there is a reason to do one.
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  • Im having my first at 35 weeks...not looking foward to it!!!
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  • My OB doesn't start them until 40 weeks unless medically necessary. Happy about this!
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  • My doctor doesn't do them until 40 weeks, although I have the option to if I want.
    If you haven't gotten it already, be prepared for the strep B swab. Not that it's uncomfortable or anything but you might not want to be surprised by it, haha!
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  • My office will start at 36 weeks, but yeah, I knew because I asked. I wanted to be prepared :)
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  • I was told at my appt yesterday (34w4d) that at my next appt (36w4d) I would need to put on a gown so they could do the step test. I was also told they would start doing internal checks "if I wanted" but I think I'm going to decline and wait a few more weeks.
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  • we get them every week starting at 35 weeks from my OB. It is optional, however; I get them every week. I like knowing my progress and also if I go into labor and delivery knowing what the status of my cervix was last week can be a great help.


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