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Did you have yellow EWCM before BFP? (TMI)

Yesterday and today I've had some yellow and very stretchy EWCM (but I know I don't have a UTI/yeast infection), and I've read it can be a pregnancy symptom. Just curious how many of you had that as an early pregnancy symptom and when it started?

I think I'm 11 DPO today (but not 100% sure on O day even though I was temping/using OPKs) so I could be less than that. Got BFNs this morning and yesterday morning. Hoping it was just too early. AF is due the 19th, but I did get my BFP with DS at 10 DPO a week before AF was due. 




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Beta 10 DPO: 19, Beta 12 DPO: 102! 3/6/12 - Saw the little pumpkin measuring right on track with a HB of 133. Grow baby grow!

Fx for a BFP for my GP buddy JennNJ. Congrats to my TTC buddy Boyer's Girl on your BFP!

Re: Did you have yellow EWCM before BFP? (TMI)

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