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Help my 7 year old daughter's pants reveal too much!

I am having such a hard time dressing my daughter we buy her very nice clothes and everything "should" look polished and respectable. My only problem is finding jeans for her. Every where i have looked only have this low cut style, and when ever my daughter sits down the jeans slide down and either show her underwear or the top of her butt. Even with belts, and I know it's not her fault but I am constantly telling her to pull her pants up. Within a minute of her pulling them up They fall back down. she is a slender to average figure. I've tried buying her pants an extra size bigger but those just slide right off her, making the problem worse. So far the only thing I can do is buy her extra longer shirts which should look cute but instead make her look disproportionate and frumpy. I often send her to school in yoga type pants because the elastic waist is high enough and it stays in place, but it looks sort of lazy. I don't know what else to do. I HATE  this new low rise trend, I wish there were more options out there for little girls. heck even for me! I hate feeling like I always have to be pulling my pants up everytime I stand up. I need suggestions for some sort of modesty clothing, i miss the days when they made body suits for under clothes like a baby onsie so it's easy to use the restroom. I searched on line and didn't come up with anything. I see other girls in her school when they are sitting down they all have this problem too. It's driving me crazy, I need your help and your suggestions please maybe there is a product out there or something you've created your self that adresses this problem?????
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Re: Help my 7 year old daughter's pants reveal too much!

  • I think Osh Kosh jeans are great for that age. They aren't low rise. They also have hidden adjustable elastic in the inside of the waist band. You can button the elastic tighter. They look like normal jeans on the outside, with belt loops and tailored stitching. They have an online store.


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  • My daughter who's 8 years old has the same problem.  Stay away from Justice, they only carry low rise.  I have had good luck at finding a normal rise at Target and JCPenney. 
  • I think you mean:

    Help! My 7 year old daughter's pants reveal too much!

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  • Definitely the Oshkosh B'Gosh Brand is good - plus they have the adjustible waist.  I'd also say the Walmart brand jeans are pretty good.  The whole idea is presentable, not necessarily a brand...

    I agree with you though - why on earth does a little girl need low rise plumber pants... 

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  • image neverblushed:

    I think you mean:

    Help! My 7 year old daughter's pants reveal too much!

    ::snort:: I had to look back and forth a couple times to see what was incorrect. I blame pregnant brain. 
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  • Have you tried Childrens place?

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  • Our 7 year old has the same issue....We bought the ballet suits at Walmart.  They are very similar to the body suits from when we were little.  She wears them anytime she wears jeans...
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  • DD1 is tall and thin, so I only buy adjustable waist jeans for her. Oshkosh fits slimmer, and seem to be high enough. I really like Crazy 8 for basic jeans too. They have slim sizes if you need them. I've found Gymboree's jeans aren't too low either. 
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  • I gave up on jeans for my 8 y/o DD. She has mostly lycra pants. They hide her bottom and don't fall down.
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  • It is SO hard to find jeans for my kids to wear! 

    I would try adjustable waist jeans.  You might be able to make the jeans "skinnier" at the waist so they don't fall down.  Also, my son has elastic waist jeans from Gymboree - - I'm not sure if they also make them for girls.  You can also try Land's End - they let girls dress like girls - not teenagers!

    That is why, although dd loves Justice and her friends buy there, I don't shop there except for nightclothes and sweats. 


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  • I don't know about the girls clothes, but the jeans in the boys line from Macy's, Green Dog, has the adjustable waistband in them too. My son is really tall, but really thin- he doesn't fit the size that fits his waist lengthwise, so we have to buy him a size up and use the adjustable waist.
  • My daughter has the same issue. Honestly, she doesn't wear jeans too often because of it. The ones we do have that fit well are JCrew and Joe's Jeans. 
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • I didn't go through the whole board before posting so please forgive me if this answer has been posted already but I would try second hand stores and yard sales because those are not new clothes so they won't necessarily be following the trend or if you know someone who sews you could see about having cute originals made to fit her measurements.  Joanne's stores have all types of patterns and fabrics and the coupons you can get make it easier to afford to do it.  these are just small suggestions. 
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  • I have boys so my advice is for you. I found JAG jeans to be just the right height waist to hide a belly that has had babaies and with the perfect amount of stretch. They always make me look skinnier and don't have those weird horizontal fade marks on the thighs

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  • Jcpenny arizona jeans have a regular fit, so do the ones from carters and osh kosh. My daughters school has a dress code so it's polos and jeans, or khakis of some sort everyday. lol. I like the dress code approved jumper style dresses. They look adorable over a polo. And there my dear is your other option. Skorts and dresses. :) They make adorable preppy polo dresses ect. I like to put athletic shorts or yoga shorts underneath my daughters dresses. And you can totally play on the playground because dresses look adorable with converse and an adorable huge hair  bow from claires ect. I wouldn't call my daughters style "polished" more like preppy, but it's very stylish, I'm happy because everything is covered lol, and she's happy.  I don't like the "low rise" jeans, the overly grown up t shirts and tanks, and recently i saw two 7 year olds one in a  midriff tube top(I wasn't aware they made those for children) low rise jeans and heels and the other in a mini skirt knee high boots and a low cut top. I'm so happy they weren't my kids. lol
  • Check out different stores.  I know target has great pants for kids.

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