Food Allergy

Possible milk allergy???

About a week and a half ago I came down with the flu and supplemented with formula because I was dehydrated. It was the regular similac and recommended I do it by the pediatrician to make sure she was getting enough. I know it contains both soy and dairy. About a week into it she had a slight rash that has increasingly gotten worse and now looks almost like a prickly heat rash or eczema. All of these rashes look so similar I don't know the difference but some of the other symptoms are gas, fussiness, a wheezing sound like she is sucking in hard, spitting up breast milk after she eats almost like its spilling out, her poop went from the mustard seed looking which was normal for her while breastfeeding to green looking slime and is now somewhat returning to normal, she likes to be held upright with her legs tucked under while being patted on the butt thats how she falls asleep. She hates being on her back and will only sleep chest to chest with me which makes it hard for me because I am never 100% asleep worrying that she may suffocate. I stopped the formula about 4 days ago and the rash is worse today than it has been. I am cutting out all dairy in my diet just in case thats it and taking her to the pediatrician tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any advice? I hate seeing my happy baby so upset :( Oh btw she is 6 weeks old. TIA

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