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Ladies with Sonoline B

I just got mine in the mail yesterday and was super excited to try it so DH and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to find a HB and we don't really know if we did or not.  Where are you finding it?  I've only heard the HB once with the monitor at my OB's and there was a big difference between mine and the babies but I don't know if I can tell the difference with the Sonoline.  Any techniques to make the sounds come out clearer or to able to distinguish between your hb and LOs?


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Re: Ladies with Sonoline B

  • Make sure you use the gel. ALOT. Otherwise it's not as clear and very staticky. Around 15 weeks baby is still very low, probably right at/near your pubic bone. It will sound like a galloping horse, or my DH describes it as washing machine wooshing.
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  • I around the same as you. I have been able to find it below my belly button sometimes being an inch or two below. I would go super slow use alot of gel. If you run out of gel which I have, I have been using belly oil and that does the trick. You will know when you find it because it is pretty fast. Sometimes I feel as if the baby is moving because even though the doppler is in the same spot the heart rate comes and goes so I figure its the baby changing positions.

    I always seem to get a good quick find in the morning. GL. Hope this helps!

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  • As the previous posters said, go low. I'm 18 weeks and I still find hers really low.
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  • I'm only about week further along than you. And, I had to search a bit to find him. I think it helps to know what you're listening for. The baby's hb sounds NOTHING like yours. If you haven't heard it yet at your OB, check youtube for sounds.

    You can't really use where to find the hb, because every woman and every baby is different. But, at 15w, you should be about 4" below your belly button. Mine is riding low, and just above my hair line.

    It sounds like a whooshing noise or sometimes a horses galloping. It's also REALLY fast whooshwhooshwhooshwhoosh or babumpbabumpbabumpbabump.  Yours will be significantly slower whoosh...whoosh...whoosh...whoosh... You also might hear a thump or a sound like a record scratch. That's baby kicking the doppler. Just as reassuring as the HB. They also tend to take off when the doppler pushes against them.

    Also, I've noticed the Sonoline has a hard time stabilizing. It will show 120bpm then increase when you find Baby's heartbeart.  It DECREASES when it finds yours.

     Good luck!


  • I don't use ultra sound gel because they only gave so little with the doppler, but I found out that aloe vera after sun gel works just as good! At 15 weeks you might still have a hard time finding the h/b. Baby's h/b is fast and once you hear it you'll know it's it. At first, I was able to find the baby's h/b a little more to the side rather than trying  right down the middle and right where I bend when I sit. Every lady is different. Hope this helps.

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  • There are tons of great YouTube videos that I found very helpful when I first started using mine. It helped me tell the difference between what baby sounds like and what all those other sounds are. 

    PS..I am same as previous poster. I got a very small amount of u/s gel with mine so I bought a huge bottle of aloe vera to use instead. It works fine.  

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  • Look on youtube for videos of other women using it.  It will give you an audio example of what you're looking for.  Your HB will be slower (mine's around 120 in my abdomen), the baby's HB will be much faster sounding like galloping or a washing machine.  It will sound like what you heard at your doctor's office.  Use lots of gel and move the probe all over your lower abdomen.  Mine's usually around the hairline or a little above.
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  • For me, I generally  have to go on the left side about three inches below my belly button.  I agree with a PP that the Sonoline has a hard time stabilizing.

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  • The whoosing sound is not the HB, that is the placenta and the embilical cord, the actual HB is the galloping horse sound, once you find the whoosing move just off of that and the HB will come in.  I found the baby had a lot of room around 15 weeks so it was all over the place, it does get easier!!


  • Thanks for all the advice!  I'm hoping we'll find it (and know we found it!) tonight Smile
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  • I am a couple weeks behind you, but I always find it pretty low.  It usually takes me about 2-3 minutes to find.  You will definitely know the difference when you hear baby's HB because it's very fast.  I will say this morning I found the HB within about 10 seconds when I had a very full bladder, so that may have helped. 

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  • We have found it everytime by putting a good amount of pressure on it and looking under the belly button, right above the pubic area. Baby is moving in there too, so let it sit in the same place for a minute. Sometimes when I am not sure if I have found baby's, I listen to mine..which is a lot slower than babies and then when I find babies I know for sure that I have it.

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