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Infant Eczema


I am pretty sure that DS has baby Eczema, I am calling his doctor tomorrow to make an appointment but most likely based on the rash on LO face he has eczema. Is anyone else dealing with this? what have you found works? We are currently using aquphore which is the only product that works on his cradle cap as well.



Re: Infant Eczema

  • My baby has it, and he had to be seen by a dermatologist.  He is using a steriod cream as needed and cera ve lotion as well.  I need to cake it on him twice a day.  I also only bath him every three days and use soap once week, but I use cetaphil gentle cleanser.  I was told to get rid of all the baby lotions and soaps.  I also wash his close in dreft and do an extra rinse.  His eczema is kept at bay for the most part, but it is pretty bad and red.  I just keep on top of it to get it out of control.  Hope I helped!
  • DS has eczema and the pedi gave us a rx for hydrocortisone creme. We apply that to the patches then put aquaphor over his entire body. We also put Cetaphil on his face and head. This has almost completely cleared it up. 


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  • My little guy has eczema mostly on his arms and legs. pedi recommended 1% hydrocortisone cream 2-3 times/day and that cleared it right up! GL!

  • Make sure you're using a gentle soap.. J&J really seems to dry out babies with sensitive skin. I started using Aveeno Baby lightly scented soap/shampoo. I also started using Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy lotion. Worked GREAT.
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  • Our Pedi recommended 1% hydrocortisone cream and Vanicream.  It worked well in just a few days.  
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  • LO had eczema very badly on her face and terrible cradle cap and Dr tried a new lotion (w/out steriod) and I returned frantic after a week of it continuing to worsen. We then were told to use 1% cortisone cream (for both) and it cleared up within 3 days. Highly recommend!!
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  • Both of my girls have eczema. We use Aveeno baby wash and Eczema Cream lotion, auqaphor, and hydrocortisone cream. Only bathe with soap 2 times a week. Works well for us.

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  • DD has eczema, too. We have been using California Baby calendula cream, and it seems to be helping. When we went to the doctor about it, she suggested less bathing (recommended 1x/week) and LOTS of lotion. She said that if that doesn't work, you can get hydrocortizone cream.
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