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Aria Catherine is here!

ariaI was induced on wednesday 12/7 at 8pm with cytotec. Things started to progress slowly through the night. I was only 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. At 1am i had my second dose of cytotec inserted. Things progressed better but pain sucked. I had nubain at 3am and epidural at 8am. The epidural was great, I could feel contractions but no pain/pressure. At 11am i was 5cm and by noon i was 8cm. By 12:20 i was complete! We did some practice pushes after we let her labor down b/c aria was a big girl. Doctor finally got to hospital and i pushed 10min and she arrived! Aria Catherine 8lb 12oz/20 in born 12/8/11 2:38pm!


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