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if your lo is 7-8 months...

what milestones have they hit yet? i know every baby is different and im just wondering where everyone is at... lo just started crawling a few feet yesterday... she only babbles.. no words yet and wont eat puffs.... also how many meals are they eating? 
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Re: if your lo is 7-8 months...

  • It looks like our LO are the same age.  He is not crawling but babbling tons.  No words yet.  He eats lots of finger foods -- usually 2 meals a day, sometimes 3.  
  • It looks like our LO are the same age.  He is not crawling but babbling tons.  No words yet.  He eats lots of finger foods -- usually 2 meals a day, sometimes 3.  He loves playing peek-a-boo.
  • Adden is 7 months and is not crawling yet but he does love it when i hold his hands and he walks! he likes to eat puffs, he wakes up 2 times a night still, he babbles a whole lot and he has started putting everything he sees in his mouth


  • My child began driving over the weekend.... and he can now deep fry a turkey. 

    LOL.  Kidding of course.  It's so true--every child is so different.  DS1 was so behind--didn't even CRAWL until he was 12 months old. 

    DS2 isn't up on all fours to crawl--but kind of trying to 'army crawl' a little if there's something he REALLY wants.  He likes to practice standing against stuff---but I have to keep an arm very close to him because obviously he can't stand yet.

    He just started saying what sounds like daddy or dada to me last night.  Kind of exciting.  I swore I heard mama too--but not sure.  He's on and off babbling.

    He loves puffs.  But that's really all we've given him.  He does purees 3x a day.  Lunch at daycare is his biggest meal it seems. 

  • LO is almost 8 months.. she is "crawling" but it's more of inchworming...

    she is pulling up and can support herself if I put her at something to hold on to at a standing position.

    she just started getting good at feeding hersefl "snacks" puffs and those cheese curl looking things.

    She waves and claps. Says Dada and Hi but I don't think she really knows what she is saying. Although if I ask her where Dada is, she looks at my DH.

    we eat two "solid" meals a day and snack time. Takes about 6 oz at a time in her bottle.

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  • Babbling, 'dada', eating 3 purees/day + other solids (bread, pasta, bananas, yogurt,eggs) on the occasion. She is beginning to take interest in holding her own bottle.  She will not self feed on any puffs but will plant her face on the table and eat the crumbs. No crawling.  However, DD1, never crawled.  She went straight from picking herself up to cruising to walking.
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  • DS is crawling all over the place. He just started about 3 weeks ago and has gotten really good at it. He can say "mama" and "baba", but other than that he just babbles. He eats 2 purees a day right now, sometimes 3. We also try little pieces of well steamed veggies, Mum Mums, yogurt drops, yogurt, and puffs. 
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  • my DS is crawling the army style, pulling himself up in the crib and anywhere else, lots of screaming and growling, fake coughing and just loud in general! rolls from his tummy to sitting up, he's eating solids - nothing more than purees though - gags on everything else! haven't tried puffs but cheerios soaked in water make him gag so...he has his two bottom teeth as well

    sleeping from about 7pm-4/5am then feeding a bottle of formula and then down again until 630/7 and up for the day.

    eats 3 solids a day and around 6 or 7 bottles  

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  • DD is crawling really good now.  She is a speedy girl.  She loves trying to stand and I even let go for 2 seconds over the weekend and she held the stand.  She babbles and some of those babbles sound like Dada and Mama.  She even has made sounds that seem like she is saying "Oh boy" which is really cute.  She eats solids twice a day and loves to play with her puffs and sometimes eat them. She is really good at feeding herself a mum mum.    The one milestone I'm curious on is belly laughing.  She makes noises that are sort of laughs, but not out right belly laughs. She is super happy and smiles a lot, but the belly laugh is just escaping her.
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  • She first crawled at 6 months but really didn't start until 6 1/2 - at that point, she figured out how to manuever from crawling to sitting position pretty smoothly. 3 meals a day with 4 bottles (approximately 24 ounces of formula).

    She's now pulling herself up here and there, mainly on the baby gates. She's learning to wave just these last few days and says "Dada" all the time. She's a total babbler.

    Two teeth. STTN. Suddenly ticklish on her belly and arms, and will giggle uncontrollably if I "get" her.

    E turned 8 months yesterday.

  • DS is almost 7 months.
    He's been crawling for 2 months now, sitting up by himself, pulling up to stand and he likes to walk around while holding someones hands.
    He babbles a ton but has really only said "mama" & "mommy"
    He is eating 2 purees a day and a snack in between. (egg yolk, peas, cheerios, etc)
    He wakes up about 2 times a night, but overall sleeps from 8 p.m. - 7 a.m.
  • We are crawling, starting to pull ourselves up on things, BLW 2x a day, 4 teeth, no talking, claping or waving but lots of babbling, we are not STTN.


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  • DD doesn't babble (doesn't have many consonants at all, no "d" "b" or "g" still) but can say "Mom." She is capable of crawling but chooses not to, she'll get a few inches then flail and throw a "pick me up dammit" tantrum. She eats puffs sometimes, but she still has no teeth; and she is more of an "all day grazer" than a solid meal-eater haha.
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  • LO is not crawling but prefers instead to roll around when she wants to go somewhere. She is not pulling to stand, but she is self-feeding crackers and puffs and has just started figuring out how to use a sippy. She is babbling as of this week (bababa and mamama mostly). I also noticed today that she has definitely developed object permanence because she dropped a toy and looked for it. No words yet, BUT I think she is just starting to associate me with "mama" -- definitely still emerging, though.

    She's always been on the tail end of meeting gross motor milestones but makes them eventually. Fine motor, verbal, and cognitive, she is on track or ahead, from what I can tell.


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  • DD is inch worm crawling, but doesn't get the idea of being up on all fours yet. She babbles and says "mamamama", "babababa", etc. but no words.

    She LOVES the mum mum crackers and feeding herself. She eats 3 meals a day as per her pediatrician's recommendation.

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  • LO is eating two solid meals a day with 4-6 bottles of milk in a 24 hour period. She babbles "dada" and she does not crawl. She rocks on her knees to scooch forward and rolls and rolls. She has a great pincer grasp and picks up her puffs and puts them in her mouth. She is not sitting unassisted yet either.
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  • My DD is a little older than yours but she is eating 3 solid meals a day plus 4 - 6oz bottles a day (sometimes she doesn't finish the bottles though). She has been army crawling for almost 2 months but just this week has started crawling on all fours!! She started pulling up a few weeks ago and is "cruising" a little now. She is saying "baba," "byebye," and "dada" on a regular basis but has said "mama" a few times. She can also wave. No teeth yet but she does love puffs and is finally getting really good at feeding them to herself! 


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  • DD started to crawl about 2 weeks before 7 months, but only in the last week or so has really started to move like a champ.  She can sit up and pull herself up on things and loves to walk holding my hands (only lasts for like 6 or 7 baby steps though).  She has no teeth.  She loves to blow raspberries, so much so I was concerned at first.  Then she started to babble.  She says mama and baba a lot. 

    She eats breakfast and dinner and has also been feeding herself puffs and mum mums since about 6ish months.  This week she started to feed herself bits of "real" food at dinner and have yogurt melts.

    She was sleeping through the night before 1 month.  Then we had the 4 month regression.  Then we did Ferber.  Then she got sick and sick again.  We started Ferber last night all over again.  She has been sleeping through the night from 5.5 to 6 months again, but the past 2 nights she is up every 2 hours to sit up.  She puts herself back to sleep... sometimes :o

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  • my little one is crawling since about 6 months and is pulleg herself up on everything and cruising ( but the dr. said she was prop going to walk early) she has been trying table food and trying to feed herself. stil not talking but lots of screaming and babbling

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