weird Q.. help please

So we use Nursery water to mix our formula but Target was sold out this week so I bought Gerber Pure Water and the label says to refrig. after opening. Does anyone know why and do I really need to?  The Nursery water doesn't say to and I hate having to warm bottles.
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Re: weird Q.. help please

  • The Gerber website says that once you open the bottle, the contents are no longer sterile, so you should refrigerate it and use it within 7 days. When Gerber packages the water, they're able to clearly state based on their manufacturing process that the water you buy and are giving to your baby is free of bacteria. After you open it, bacteria can get into the bottle and giving your baby bacteria in their water could make them sick. Refrigeration helps stave off this process since most bacteria need a warm environment to breed.

    IMO, there needs to be something nourishing in the water for bacteria to actually want to get into the bottle and breed. Water is nothing. No calories, no nutrients, nothing bacteria could use to continue life. Therefore, it's not really a potent breeding ground for them. I would think you'd be fine to not refrigerate as long as you keep the cap on.

    And FTR, my 34-weekers have been drinking formula mixed with warm tap water. I'm sure there's more bacteria in tap water than would grow in your water bottle and nothing bad has happened to them.

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  • I have always used Gerber Pure water with my twin girls, they are 9 months now, I never noticed that the bottle said that, and I have never refrigerated the water! I've never had a problem with it, It has never molded or smelled weird or anything, and my girls have never been sick at all so I don't think it's a problem. I hope that helps you
  • I did notice the gallon of water stated that, but never paid attention to it.  I always kept it on the counter next to bottles at room temp. as I didn't want to have to warm their bottles.
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