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I *think* I may finally get back to the gym tomorrow.

I'm excited and scared, lol.

M/s has totally kicked my ass since about week 5. I have not been to the gym since the beginning of November. I'm not deluding myself into thinking I can do a heavy workout, but I think the nausea has backed off enough that I can go do a light workout without yacking.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please! 




Re: I *think* I may finally get back to the gym tomorrow.

  • Good luck!!  If you feel ready enough to push yourself to go, then I bet you'll be fine :)
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  • I wish I was feeling that way.  Morning sickness has subsided, but the fatigue is kicking my butt.  Here's to hoping that will change in the coming weeks.
  • Good luck!!

     That's inspiring - maybe I can get off my butt sometime soon...


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  • Good luck!  I have not been "allowed" to work out during all of 1st tri so I'm excited, but scared to get back into it.  I ran 10 miles the day before my BFP and now I get winded walking up the stairs :/

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  • Yay! Good for you! I bet you'll do fine! Just make sure you drink plenty of water!

    I plan on doing an hour long prenatal yoga DVD in the morning! :-)

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  • Me too! and finals are over this week, so the gym and I will once again become aquainted.
  • good luck!


    my membership expires in january and i'm going to suck it up and renew. have to! especially with this cold weather keepig me indoors. 


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