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Baby shower OR meet the baby party?

I have been thinking a lot about showers and such since going to my friends shower yesterday...and since I am team GREEN and want to have a kinda lavish party (since this baby is due like right on my 30th birthday) ...

I was thinking about doing a meet the baby party instead of a traditional before the baby comes shower. That way it can be in summer time...we can do an evening thing outside or something... do a dinner with all my friends and family. I was planning on doing it all co-ed anyways... (most of my long time friends are guys...only one real good girlfriend) ...so yeah...

Have you ever been to one?

What is your general opinion on the idea?

Re: Baby shower OR meet the baby party?

  • A friend of mine was team green, and she had a shower (I believe just for her first), and she registered for the bigger items, gender neutral.  She had a girl and then a boy later.  Her family threw her a "pink party" and then a "blue party" where they met the baby and bought her whatever.  Like pink or blue clothes, shoes, socks, etc. 
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  • If I went to a meet the baby party, I bring a gift, but it would an outfit or something small.

    When you say you want a lavish party, are you planning it yourself? 

    I think a meet the baby should be smaller and more intimate. 

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  • Meet the baby parties are our baby showers here.  We're also rural small town so invites go out along with a few posters around the community.

    It's a great way for everyone to come together, visit, take a peek at baby, etc all in one afternoon.  Some are potlucks, others are catered, it depends who's throwing the shower. There's the usual games, cake and gifts.

    The grandma's and close friends are usually the only people who hi-jack baby, so mom gets a bit of arm room too.

    We usually wait until baby is at least 1 month old. I think DS was 5 weeks old at his.

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  • We threw my sister a meet the day party and it was great. It as coed and people seemed to enjoy being with their significant others while celebrating with her. We didn't play any baby themed games but we decorated with girly colors. Overall it worked out well. One of the only things we were worried about was Ellie (the LO) having a rough day with all of the people but it didn't end up being an issue. You may want to think about recovery time afterwards though. 
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  • I would have a baby shower to get anything you might still need and then have a meet the baby get together. You really dont want a ton of people over right after you have the baby even if you wait a month.
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  • We are doing both.  There is a baby shower that all family and friends are invited (co-ed) and then my DH's culture does a party one month after the baby is born.  Typically people give money at that party but I see it as a nice meet the baby type thing.

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  • image DogCat&Baby:

    We are doing both.  There is a baby shower that all family and friends are invited (co-ed) and then my DH's culture does a party one month after the baby is born.  Typically people give money at that party but I see it as a nice meet the baby type thing.

    Can I ask what culture your husband is?? I would be curious to read up on the tradition! I have been reading lots of cultural traditions being of such mixed background....it is really neat to see how we celebrate birth all over the world ^_^

  • Where I live people only have baby showers after the baby is born.  I would prefer to have one before to get the stuff I need, but people seem to think it's bad luck.  Since we have to have it after I would prefer a meet the baby party that's coed.  Probably a month after the baby is born, and it'll be either a potluck or a bbq in someone's yard.

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  • Meet the baby party :)
    it is my family custom to have a meet the baby party approx 2-3 weeks after baby is born.


  • DH's uncle and aunt had a meet the baby party instead of a shower (even though they knew the gender ahead of time). It was fun and a nice way for everyone to come see her at once - otherwise, they may not have been able to have everyone come for the shower AND to meet the baby in close proximity. They also asked the guests to bring diapers, and those who did were entered in a raffle to win a gift card to Applebee's or something - it was cute and they got a ton of diapers!
  • We're team green but we're still doing our shower before the babies come. Our mothers are all up in arms about this because they insist people are going to have no clue what to buy us...which I think is just silly.

    My mom has been generous enough to offer to host our shower, and she suggested a meet the babies party. I immediately hated the idea. I'm all for people having the opportunity to meet our babies, but the thought of my tiny fragile little babies being passed around by appx. 50 people and exposed to all of their germs just makes me cringe. 

    Yuck, yuck, yuck.

  • image allisonmarie22:
      thought of my tiny fragile little babies being passed around by appx. 50 people and exposed to all of their germs just makes me cringe. 

    Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    hahaha...my friend was saying the same thing! You both made me giggle...not because I think it is silly to worry ...germs are gross....but the use of the word YUCK! haha

    She was like "its so ...so...yucky!" haha

  • I thought about doing a meet the baby party for this one since I just had dd 18 months ago and had two beautiful showers for her. My thought was it would be nice, but then I realized that when I had dd, my sil got married when dd was 4 weeks old and everyone was all over her.... I hated having that many people kissing on her and touching her when she was so new. I am NOT a stay at home type mom, I always have taken dd everywhere, but all those people touching her just made her so overstimulated I spent the entire night with a colicky baby (which was NOT by nature) and I missed the whole wedding!

    Then after seeing how sick dd got when she did get a flu and even a cold... I definitely dont want all that happening with a newborn this time. Just my two cents but I would opt for the shower

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  • This is what we are doing. We are going to have a shower about a week after the baby is born, so I guess it is a bit more like a meet the baby party.

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  • This is our 3rd and last. And while there is 8 yrs between my youngest and this pregnancy and we need everything, I do not want anyone to feel the need to buy us anything. I will not be registering. My SIL lives to throw parties so we decided a "meet the baby" event would be great in late june when LO will be 8w or so old.  

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  • It sounds like you're planning on throwing it for yourself either way.  A baby shower is a gift given to you- a party thrown in your honor.  The very definition of a baby shower is to shower the mom-to-be with gifts.  It is very very tacky to throw your own baby shower.

    And I also wouldn't count on throwing a lavish party shortly after giving birth.  You're not exactly going to feel in prime party-planning mode.

    I also ditto others who mentioned not wanting their very small infants around that many people and germs so early in their life.


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  • The biggest problem with a meet the baby party is you won't get the things you NEED for the baby before the baby is here. I know my showers were great in setting up our nursery and not having to spend a ton of money ourselves.

    That being said this time with our third boy we will not have a shower I just think that's rude but my best friend insists on throwing us a party so I've told her she can throw a meet the baby party but not until lo is a month or more old. I do not want him being passed around or me having to be ready to be the center of attention any earlier than that with bfing and all.

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  • I do not recommend meet the baby party. Most peds recommend that you keep your infant away from people (like masses of people) for like 6-8 weeks. Some peds will draw blood cultures if an infant younger than 6 weeks has a fever. Trust me, you do not want to have to hold your infant down while a lab tech tries to hit a vein. Go baby shower!
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  • This is what Im doing too. My family and friends are all in another state so over Mother's Day weekend we're doing what my mom is calling a "Sip and See" Fun drinks for everyone and a baby :) I think they're going to help me out with big items that you need when the baby gets here (carseat, stroller etc) It works for me because it guarantees that everyone important to me can see the baby and it seems like people are much more into the idea when they dont know the sex of the baby. I say go for it!

  • i'm thinking about having a meet the baby party too..mostly because we both have friends all over the country that are planning to travel for the shower or after the baby is born.. so i'm thinink it might be better to have a party after she is here, so that all of our friends only have to make one trip to meet her.

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  • Baby shower.  You get what you need before the baby is here, no elevated risk of germs from a lot of people in her face and (personally) I think throwing yourself a "kinda lavish" substitute shower is tacky. 
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  • There is no way in heck I am having a party within 6 weeks after the baby being born...do you honestly think you'll have the time and energy to organize and throw a party with a newborn?  Also, when people meet the baby, it will be 2-4 people at a time and everyone will be using hand sanitizer... I don't see why anyone would expose their baby to the germs of a party's worth of people when they are less than a few months old.
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  • We do meet the baby back home.

    1. Pre-baby showers feel like an insult as you're buying gifts for someone who isn't in the world yet. (Personal opinion, not trying to get flamed)

    2. You aren't left guessing the size, length, gender, name, and looks of baby, cuz you can have a peek. (privileged guests may hold LO)

    3. Puts a little extra thought into family planning, as the parents-to-be have to acquire the newborn necessities. Since baby will already be ~1 month old, most guests will bring things for the later months-years.

    "What are you having?" "Well the radiologist says its a healthy little human baby. I'm a little disappointed, because I really wanted a puppy." LOL
  • My ex husband and his wife had a small baby shower 2 months before my grand daughter just came on Feb 10th, 2011.  It consisted of about 15 people at a restuarant.  I felt they really put no effort into it.  I am having a "welcome baby" dinner at my home for a couple reasons beings I am the grandmother of the new baby and the mother is my daughter. My daughter wanted all the people to come and see the baby at once so we all could celebrate the birth of "angel" for the day and she could rest after that and "take it easy" on March 4th.  She wanted everyone she knows to attend, wanting a fairly large party.  She loves large parties and I along with my husband will be doing all the work.  I know people worry about the baby getting sick, but this was discussed with my daughter and this is what she wants.  I went to vistaprint.com to order free invitations that were absolutely adorable that I could personalize.  I am cooking myself and expecting about 20-25 people throughout a 4 hour time frame. I am giving peace lillies as thank you gifts from lowes that are about $4 each.  They bloom with white flowers.  I am getting a picture frame with matting and having each person who attends sign it so when the baby's picture is put in it, every person who came will have  signiture next to her name and I will be taking a picture of the baby dressed that day and placing it in the frame as a keep sake for mommy.  also, I am getting a small tree and having everyone write words of wisdom for the mother on notecards and putting them on the tree called "the tree of wisdom" for words of advise for the first time mother instead of playing games.  I am making a downhome meal for dinner for everyone in a relaxed atmosphere where we will mingle and will decorate in pink balloons and simple decorations along with a cake.  Nothing extravagant, simple is better and everyone will be bringing a gift for baby.  Cost will be cheap to do this since I am my husband will be doing everything ourselves and invitations were already free.  I believe these ideas are inexpensive but if you don't want to buy the peace lillies, a simple bag of cookies as thank you gifts along with a small note card with the baby's name, birthweight and length and time of birth make excellent thank you gifts also.  Who doesn't like cookies?  I am getting the peace lillies for two reasons, 1, I am doing the wisdom tree thing and 2, because my granddaughters name is angel and I felt it fitting.  Thanks for reading this lengthy reply
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