InStep Safari TT Double Jogging Stroller

Ladies, does anyone have this stroller? I have twin girls that are 7 weeks and a friend of mine gave me this stroller. I would love to use it, but figure at this young age I can't just put them in the seats.

Do you know if the InStep comes with a car seat adapter?

Thanks so much!

Re: InStep Safari TT Double Jogging Stroller

  • I have this stroller and had to buy a different double stroller (Graco DuoGlider) to fit in our cars. I think it's okay for walks outside, but it's too big to take places, and the front wheel has fallen off multiple times even though it was assembled properly and it has had limited use. Now it makes a really rickety jiggling noise so I quit using it. I think we started using it with head supports and the seats leaned all the way back when our twin girls were about 2 months. It does not have a car seat adapter. I hope that helps you!
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