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FTM :) I have a question for those of us that had a Vaginal delivery...

Morning! Little Background, we were Team Green until Thursday--we welcomed Aniston Elizabeth into the world @4:45 in the afternoon--weighing in at 7lbs, 19inches :)

My Q is.. I did tear (3rd degree Crying) I have medicine.. I hate using pads-but I know I must use them. I feel like I am going thru them like they are FREE (they def aren't! lol).. I just don't like to feel.. dirty-ya know? Anyone else feel nasty like that??

Also (this happened to me twice lastnight) I rush to go potty & its like my water broke--just a gush of water that I can't control. I was ticked-I had to find some panties in the middle of the night (blah blah blah..) I have control of going pee- I haven't gone #2 yet.. Im just concerned about the 'water gush' thing. Anyone else go thru this??

I really don't know what to expect--Im sorry for the (if they are) silly questions!!!!

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Aniston Elizabeth, born @37wks, 12-8-11.. 7lbs & 19in.. 100% PERFECT!
Blog Time!!
the 3 faces of Aniston @ 6wks...
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Re: FTM :) I have a question for those of us that had a Vaginal delivery...

  • Are you sure the gushing isn't urine? I have it too and I think it's urine. I have control of my bladder, but I also had a tear (2nd degree) with stitches, and am taking a diuretic medication. I think the diuretic sometimes makes me have to go NOW and I control everything in that moment. 

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  • I'm sure its just urine. Why do you think its not?
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  • I would say it's most likely urine.  I'm 2 months out from delivery(vaginal) and I just recently have gotten more control over my bladder as far as being able to do kegels while going to the bathroom.  And the pad situation will get better, soon you'll be using less and less.  Did they give you a bottle to spray yourself with after you use the restroom?  This really helped me not to feel so gross.  If not, just get a spray water bottle and use it after you go to the bathroom.  Hope this helps! 

    Good luck to you and congrats!

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  • I had and still have full control of my bladder but my peeing was kind of "forceful" for a few days. And it was like once I got the urge, I needed to go RIGHT then. It's like it went from feeling empty to full. It'll take a little while but you'll start feeling normal again soon! And I second the comment about the peri bottle to help you feel cleaner. My bleeding was only heavy for a day or two but pads in general make me feel gross. Use the bottle every time! 
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  • I'm not a pad girl so all those pads and stuff really grossed me out. Since you just had your baby I would suggest that it's just urine you're trickling. Your bladder is less sensitive than it was and it's not being crushed anymore and you just might not feel the peeing sensation. I didn't for the first few days PP. In fact, I never even felt like I had to go. Like PPs said, that peri bottle is awesome in feeling less icky. Also, don't worry about going #2, you probably won't for a week. My hospital gave me stool softeners for 3 days and I didn't go until I was home for almost a week.  Like all things, this will pass and you'll find the tricks that make things easier. Good luck and congrats! Your DD is beautiful!

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  • It's me. I got a cath before I started pushing LO out, and they SWORE they emptied my bladder. WRONG. Got up to my room and I had "water" gushing out of me for 2 minutes (no I'm not kidding). Come to find out my bladder had fallen after my delivery and it was my bladder FINALLY emptying. For the first 7 weeks I had a hard time making it to the bathroom because just suddenly I would have to pee and it could NOT wait. I even tripped one day at home over a cord to an electric fan and it was all over, I literally peed myself and I had no control over it. Sex once you can have it again, will help you because of the muscle contractions, until then as long as you aren't causing yourself pain, do Kegels. Another thing, go to a medical supply shop and buy yourself a "sitz" bath. My mother told me she did this after she had me when she tore, they used to require you to take them home from the hospital. Now they don't. I didn't tear anything, but it helped immensely with the icky feeling and the outer swelling, especially since you can't take an actual bath to relax for at leas the first 6 weeks PP.
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  • I believe it is urine that is gushing. You'll have to re-learn how to control everything down there. Even if you feel like you've got it under control in the first couple of days you'll have some difficulties.

    Part of it is the fluids they give you during delivery. You are most likely also drinking a lot of water, and taking medicines that flush you out. So you will have to pee a great deal and in great volumes for a while. 

    Take your colace and stool softeners for a while before you try to have a bowel movement. You don't want to strain. 

    Its definitely a learning experience in the very beginning, but it does get better!

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  • I wanted to add that you should start doing Kegels if you don't already. Squeezing your PC muscle to strengthen it up after getting stretched out from delivery will also help with bladder control.
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