Postpartum Depression

just diagnosed & dr. won't prescribe antidepressants - help!

I was just diagnosed with PPD and the doctor didn't want to prescribe antidepressants because I am breastfeeding. She prescribed temazepam instead and her suggestion is that I feed LO, take the temazepam and sleep through the night, meanwhile DH should take over the night feedings with pumped BM (I have no stash) or start to use formula. Then she said i can resume breastfeeding in the morning. 

My concerns -  

1. Sleep alone ain't gonna fix PPD ---> loss of hope for end to PPD ---> PPD gets worse.

2. From what I read, temazepam seems worse than Zoloft --->anxiety over taking this medication ---> PPD gets worse. 

3. I'll end up losing supply and formula feeding ---> PPD gets worse.

4. DH will wake me anyway if LO is crying ---> have to care for baby while heavily medicated ---> PPD gets worse.

Anyone with any experience with temazepam & breastfeeding? Am I crazy to think my doctor is not up to date on her info - it's a GP?

Should I get a second opinion? I really think I need antidepressants to kick that switch to get myself better, if that makes sense.


Re: just diagnosed & dr. won't prescribe antidepressants - help!

  • Was it the  family Dr, OB Dr, or a psychiatrist?

    Also, as much as we all would lovve to BF, if it means feeling better and getting correct treatment, ditch the Bf and switch to formula. IF you need meds.

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  • I'd get a different opinion.  I don't really understand your docs choice in meds.  Even if she wanted you to take something to sleep at night, she could have picked a safer choice like trazodone (L2).  Irregardless, if you have postpartum depression, you should get an antidepressant and consider counseling.  I don't think sleep is going to cut it either!  Another person to talk to would be your pediatrician- see what they think about breastfeeding and antidepressants.  Good luck!
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  • I agree with PP that you need a second opinion.  There are many drugs out there you can twake while breastfeeding.


    I'll also second that giving up BF, if that ends up being the only thing that works for you, will not be the end of the world.  It will feel like it!  I know it did for me!  And I scoffed at the formula feeders like the best BF advocate, but I got over it, got over the guilt, and was able to be a better mother for it.

     And I'm with you on the husband thing.  i live with a nighttime zombie.

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  • Thank you ladies. I am going to get a second opinion. This was a GP who consulted with a psych over the phone (I'm not in the US). It's frustrating because I know I need help and finally got to the doctor and they offer me something that just seems 
  • I was told temazepam could cause seizures. Yes I would get a second opinion. I had PPD after my daughter but it went away after a few months. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!
  • IMO...trazadone is great for sleep.  It kills two birds with one stone!  It was originally used as a depression drug but then they found out it worked well for sleep and it is used mainly for that now but it works for depression as well. 


    I would see a psych-md if I were you as the others have said.  A general doctor is not really qualified to prescribe meds or make that judgement.  I took trazaone for sleep and it was great.  I just had to stop in when I got pregnant.  I will likely go back on it when I deliver. 

  • I was diagnosed and EBF as well. I am taking 20mg of Fluoxetine once a day. The Dr. Actually spoke with a lactation consultant about which meds to take. 

    Also, I do believe that anxiety is a common side effect of antidepressants but I don't believe it's all that common. I know it is a side affect of mine but my anxiety has greatly improved now that I'm medicated. 

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