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what have you gotten LO for Christmas?

I've gotten a few small things, since Andrew isn't old enough to really "get" Christmas yet.  But have gotten to thinking, he won't really have any age appropriate toys soon, so I should buy when the prices are good? Was wondering what goodies you got your LO's.  Any recs?

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Re: what have you gotten LO for Christmas?

  • We got him 2 toys, a few pairs of different sized swim trunks (we're taking swim classes at the end of January when he's 6 months old), and Santa got him a big wagon when it was on sale for $45 from $70.  He won't be able to use the wagon for awhile, but we figured it would would be nice in the summer to take him and his stuff to the neighborhood pool.

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  • We honestly didn't get her much...she'll be on toy and clothes overload from everyone else.


    We bought her a Rainforest jumperoo/bouncer/exersaucer/whatever you call it. We call it her Christmas present but bought it November and she's using it becuase we were out of places to put her.

    For real Christmas;

    *Some bathtub letters

    *A snowflake ornament for First Christmas I only bought because I had a coupon for it.

    *A John Deere onesie that says, "Dirt Makes me Cuter." (We live on a farm)

    *I bought a set of pearl bangle bracelets on super sale at JCP. I'm keeping one set. She's getting the other with a letter about how I bought these for her on her first Christmas. She can have it when she's bigger. I'm thinking the tween stage. Old enough to appreciate it but when she wears and loses them it's no big loss all the same. First jewelry type of thing.

    That's all. I wasn't going to buy her anything Baby stuff is fun!

  • planning to get her that Laugh and Learn dog and this elephant toy  I think that spits out balls or something (6mo) maybe some other things too.
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  • We have an older kid so there is almost nothing we need. I'd kind of like a execauser but I'm not holding my breath on that since it would be a pretty expensive gift.

    My mom bought us a move  and groove table from Leap Frog. That thing is awesome. We had a used one for my daughter and she loved it until it died.


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  • I got him some soft blocks, a set of nice rattles, and I know grandma bought him 2 toys (his 1st train and truck). 

    I will get him some pajamas and that is about it.  I am sure he will get some more gifts from friends and family to put under the tree.  I have to buy DD lots and my stepson.


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  • We got her several small toys that will work for 6mo-1 year olds (she will be 6 mo's around christmas). A set of soft blocks, a stacker, a set of stacking cups, and set of squirting bath toys. She's already got (but I would get her if not) a shape sorting toy and a Melissa & Doug bug jug toy. Along with the toys she's had since she was an infant, and the jumperoo, she's got a ton of stuff.

    All these things were cheap. Between Target and Amazon we only paid $35 for the new gifts.

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  • Didn't get much this year considering she doesn't really know whats going on. But 1 thing we did get was the 1st Christmas story recordable Hallmark book. DH and I thought that we be something special we could pull out each Christmas and tell DD we gave it to her for her 1st christmas
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  • A lot of books, socks (for her stocking), Baby Einstein turtle, a new wubbanub (stocking stuffer), and that's pretty much it. If I come across something else I may get it for her but we're trying to not spend too much money this year since she doesn't really get it.
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  • Einstein Jumperoo (which we already opened and he's using now)


    9 month sleepers

    socks (everyone gets socks in their stocking)

    We also got several keepsake things: 1st ornament, frame ornament, and stocking with his name; handprint ornament kit. 

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  • So far we have gotten her the laugh and learn puppy. I'm stuck on what else to get her.
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  • I am trying not to get him much, but it is so hard to resist when I see things he would like in the store, especially with all of the sales. So far I bought him activity blocks, an alphabet foam puzzle mat to cushion the hardwood floors in his room, a Melissa and Doug first puzzle (3 pieces), and two bath books ($1 each, but he loves the one he already has.) I am in the process of picking out a good copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas that I can write in for his first Christmas. We always get personalized ornaments each year - this year we will get a family one and a first Christmas one. We will probably get one bigger gift of the Leapfrog or FP activity table, or maybe a sit-to-stand walker. His stocking will be things like a sippy cup, maybe a new teether. image
  • I bought the Laugh and Learn table (I think it's Fisher Price) on sale during black Friday. That's her "big" gift. I also bought her a cabbage patch doll because I think she kinda looks like one. LOL.
  • this might make me sound like a bad mama but I'm thinking I might leave most of the present buying to my LO's 3 sets of grandparents and 2 sets of great grandparents, all of whom spoil him on a daily basis anyway! :) not to mention aunts and uncles that have been asking what he wants/needs for the last 2 months!! I'm thinking after Christmas I'll see what he still "needs" and get him his gifts from mom then. Maybe some small toys, cloths, etc. This will probably be the only year I can get away with it before he starts to understand what's going on:)
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