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Has anyone else's doctor...

...told you that he/she will not be checking to see how much you've dilated? 

My doctor says he does not believe in doing that, because my body will tell me when I'm ready to deliver and it's no point in checking.  He said that it's also painful and completely unnecessary.  Has anyone else heard of this?  All of my friends said their doctors checked and also had them coming every week, instead of every two weeks.  

I had my 35 week appointment this week and won't go back until I'm 37 weeks.

 *sigh* I wish he would start checking at 37 weeks like everyone else gets checked! I just want to knowwwww! lol 

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Re: Has anyone else's doctor...

  • You can probably ask him to check if you really want to know.  Just know that it inevitably introduces bacteria from outside the vagina to the cervix area.  However, with how often it's done, I suspect that infections from getting it done are rare.

    I go to an OB practice where we cycle between 5 doctors based on who's available, so I suspect we may get checked by one doctor and not by another the next time.  I personally consider it unnecessary because knowing how much I'm dilated isn't an indicator of how soon I'm going into labor, but I don't consider checking enough of a risk to to tell them I'd prefer they didn't.

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  • My last appt I was 31 weeks and I don't have another one until 36 weeks. I think I will then have one at 38, 39, so on...

    My MW said she doesn't start checking til 38 weeks but I think I will deny them even then mainly because I think it will excite me when that is no indication of me going into labor.

    If you really want them done you could just ask for him to do one.

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  • My dr leaves the decison of cervical checks up to me and I'm declining.  As a PP said, checks can introduce bacteria into the vagina and cervix.  If you've started to dialate this bacteria can begin to eat away at the amniotic sack, eventaully causing your water to break.

    As mentioned, a cervical check will not tell you how far you are from going into labor.  You can be dialted a few centimeters for weeks or you can be closed up tight and deliver the next day.

    Some doctors will sweep or strip the membranes without telling their patient during a routine cervical check.  This can induce labor.

    Starting at 36 weeks my dr will see me every week until I deliver.  This is pretty common from my understanding. 

    If you really want to know, even though it won't tell you anything, you can request a check. 



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  • I have 5 doctors and they all check at diffrent times.  From 36-39.  I think it is sort of strange that they wouldn't check just to see how things are going.  But they are right it is a little painful.  I had to go into L&D on Monday night and they checked me for the first time....  NOT FUN!
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  • I've honestly never talked to my doctor about this.  No one has mentioned upcoming cervical checks, but I also haven't seen my OB in about a month (he keeps getting called out on deliveries during my appointments).


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  • My doctor doesn't do checks either. It doesn't tell you anything and it can be uncomfortable, even painful.
    I also don't go every week until 38 weeks. My last few appointments have been at 31, 34, and 36 weeks. My next is at 38, and then 39 and 40. I don't mind as it saves time!
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  • Mine was never painful with DS. They'll be checking me next week with this one. I know some people don't want it done because it's unnecessary, but I like to be prepared and know when my body starts going into action! 

  • I guess you ladies are right.  My friend is a nurse and she just had her baby...she said she had never heard of a doctor NOT checking, so I just thought it would be a little strange that he said that he isn't going to check.


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  • My doctor doesn't start checking until 38 weeks but I will start going every week from now on. There are four doctors in my practice so I'm curious if the doctor I see next week will agree with not checking until 38 weeks.
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  • Your doc is right; it's painful, opens the door to infection, and really doesn't tell you anything at all about when you'll go into labor. You can walk around at 2-3 cm for weeks, or you can go from 0 to baby in a day. 

    My MW doesn't do routine internals but I've had a few because of some PTL concerns. They suck. 

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