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18 week ultrasound, fluid in kidney

Hi, has anyone else gone through this same problem?

My doctor said not to be concerned at all, she said there was some minor back up in our son's kidney and that usually it will clear itself up. They are going to do a follow up in 6 weeks.

of course ive been reading this could be a sign of down syndrome, and various deffects.

just looking for some reassurance from others that have experienced the same thing. thank you all!


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Re: 18 week ultrasound, fluid in kidney

  • Kidney issues are one of the most common at the a/s.  The majority of the time they do resolve in-utero and another bit of the percentage resolves within the 1st year of life.  A very small percentage actually become issues.  A lot of times the tube between the kidney and bladder gets kinked or twisted while the kidney is moving into place.  It just takes more growing for it to fix itself. 

    It's considered a soft marker for Downs (there are a lot of soft markers) and if your quad screen, or NT, or other soft markers, showed higher risk your doctor would likely have requested an amino.  Since they didn't I'm guessing your other risk factors were/are low. 

    If it was only 1 kidney you really don't need to worry because worst case that 1 wouldn't develop correctly but the other would be just fine.  This is what happened to my son.  The kink in his tube didn't fix itself and one kidney didn't develop correctly - he has to have a yearly u/s for the first few years but other than that it does not impact his (and our) lives. 

    I understand that it's very scary to hear that anything isn't perfect with your baby but don't let it put a dark cloud over your pregnancy.  I did, and really regret wasting so much time worrying and feeling sorry for myself.  My son is perfect, just with only 1 kidney.  Your baby will be perfect to you no matter what.

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  • Super Common! Please dont stress. I had the exact same thing come up on my scan. The specialists they sent me to for a level 2 ultrasound said that they tend to appear and then disappear somewhere between 22-24 weeks. I know its hard to not think about it and no one wants to hear they may have a baby with Downs or something worse but the chances are that everything is fine and stressing will only lead to other problems which could keep you at high risk and such longer than you need to be. Good Luck and focus on the fun things. GO SHOPPING! :)

  • thsank you so much for your response! Im glad to hear your son is healthy and OK.  i am starting to feel a little better.
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  • thankn you both for the responses! this forum always makes me feel better, and i love being able to talk to others in the same boat. :)

    i just keep telling myself im doing the best i can, and thats all i can do!

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  • DS#1 had this, and it resolved itself. We had to have a few follow up u/s in the 3rd trimester, and then one when he was like a week or so old and then again at 1 year old just to make sure it was resolved. Try not to worry, I know its hard though. It is a fairly common problem, especially with boys.


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  • I heard the same thing at my A/S last week.  My OB said she didn't really even want to tell me about it because they are so common.  I get another ultrasound @ 32 wks. to check it.  I asked what they'd do it it was still like that and she said nothing.  So it sounds like.....nothing, to me.
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  • My son had the same issue in both kidneys - one was mild and resolved itself in the first year. The other kidney was SEVERELY enlarged - our doctor described it as the largest she had ever seen. We had ultrasounds every 2-3 weeks during pregnancy and several tests after he was born. At 6 months old, he had surgery to repair the kidney/ureter and we continue to have ultrasounds every year or two after this year. All very scary and a lot of stress for about a year for us. But, bottom line is that our son NEVER showed any signs of having any problems, and had surgery to repair it before he ever did have any problems (risk of UTI, etc). He is a perfectly healthy 2 year old - with 2 functioning kidneys. So, even in a bad case, it all worked out fine, and wasn't worth stressing as much as we did! Your baby will most likely be totally fine!
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  • our little girl is also showing extra fluid in the kidneys at her 17 week scan.  I have heard it is pretty common an usually resolves itself.  We are going to rescan on Jan. 4th and see how they are doing.  I am sure your baby will be fine and wonderful:-)
    Merry christmas and a happy new year
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  • I have quite a few friends who had fluid in the babies kidney early on.  But the kidney grew like normal and the fluid to kidney ratio got fixed and the baby was born fine.
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