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California baby wash

So.. I was using the Aveeno wash and shampoo but wanted to switch to something Organic. Well about a week after I started using it I noticed one small (size of the dime) rough dry spot on her tummy.. Now I am noticing more. This is the only thing I have changed so I feel like this has to be the cause. We see her doctor next week and I would like to go back to the aveeno since we still have it. 

My question is.. do you think I should call the doctor about it and see if he can get her in earlier so he can see it or do you think I should just switch back for the week and see if it goes away?  I always feel sorta silly about things like this because I second guess myself. I dont want to keep irritating her skin.

Does anyone know of a website that has  pictures of baby rashes? I would like to see that maybe its just dry skin or something along those lines. 

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Re: California baby wash

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