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What order did you start lo's food?

We have just started on the rice ceral and oatmeal. What did you do after that? Vegetables? And if we've just started that, when is it ok to mash up a banana or something like that for them to eat? Is that to thick?
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Re: What order did you start lo's food?

  • Cereal did not agree with LO. We went with mashed bananas next. I add a little formula or BM to thin it out. We then moved on to sweet potato, squash, applesauce and pears. Will try carrots next.
  • at 4mo the dr told us to start baby food. we started cereal on our own at about 3 1/2 months old, he was constantly nursing and never seemed satisfied. So he had cereal 1 time a day for 2 weeks, then i tried Gerber's Nature Select bananas for 1 week 2 times a day (1 tbsp) with rice cereal still in the evenings.Next he got sweet potatoes, same amount 2 times a day. Then peaches same as i said before. That was also when we tried some oatmeal, which seemed harder for him to digest. But i also noticed that the peaches made him poo, so i did oatmeal and peaches in one meal to balance each other out--it helped! next we tried peas, he hated them so i decided we will try them again in a few weeks. we then went to carrots, then pears. now at 5mo he has some cereal and half a pack of baby food fruit in the morning shortly after nursing...then at night he has some cereal and half a pack of a veggie. He sleeps 9-11 hours a night and naps regularly...loves his food! good luck!


  • After rice cereal we did squash and then sweet potato. Next we are doing carrots, and then repeating this cycle for a bit before moving on to green veggies and then fruits. We've only done baby food, no mashed real food yet. 
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  • We passed on the cereals... just no need for them.

    We went straight to avocado, then sweet potato, green beans, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.  

    I prepared everything individually, steamed, added BM and pureed.  

    I didn't start fruits until he was eating vegetables without BM as a sweetener.  So, it was probably about 4 months into eating that I stopped using BM to puree and started using water instead.  I gradually decreased the amount of BM until it was pure vegetable and water.  Once he had a taste of all the vegetables, we started with banana, apple, pear, peach, etc.

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  • Great question!! And such amazing answers!! We've had our LO on rice cereal for two weeks on Friday. Our pedi said do orange, yellow, then green, Then fruits in regards to baby food. I'm glad I read this post! You ladies did a great job explaining your process :)
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  • We haven't started yet but our pedi said to start with veggies b/c once babies taste the sweetness of fruit, they could deny veggies.  I like PP's pedi's suggestion of orange, yellow, green.  My DH can follow that.  :-) 

    I wouldn't think to wait months before starting fruit, but I like that concept.  I love my veggies but DH hates them so I am secretly hoping for a veggie lover.  :-)  I guess DH is too - less for him to have to eat.

  • I started both my boys on fruit first (banana for one, pears the other).  Older son eats TONS of vegetables as a 2 year old including beets so I kind of think the whole sweet fruit leads to hating other food thing is bogus.  Just be sure to continue offering a variety of foods as you progress and offer things over and over agian even if they don't eat it the first few times. 
  • I guess I should mention I held off on any solids until both were 6 months.
  • We started with cereal and I mixed it with BM. Then we did green beans because I wanted him to be included in Thanksgiving haha! I did mix the green beans with BM but I probably didn't need to. Next was oatmeal mixed with BM and now we are on avocado. I just mash up the avocado and feed it to him. He wasn't too fond of it the first go round so I mixed it with some BM to see if he liked it any better which he really didn't.

    If you ever think something is too thick just mix a little BM/formula or water into it.



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