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Advice needed: I finally got a job offer after over a year of job searching... I really need the money right now and could use something to do during that day. What should I do? I aced the telephone interview and am going for an interview. She knows I would only be temporary since I'm starting school in september... She just doesn't know I might be leaving early. Is it possible for me to not tell her and just give a mopnths notice before I leave? Or should I let her know and hope it doesn't affect things... I really really need the money :(

I was thinking of telling her since I am showing and writing a letter just explaining it is a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy and I am capable of work until March 1st. [I'm due the 16th]

Rant: stupid me called my mom and grandma for advice earlier and they both bitched me out to shreds for attempting to get a job while pregnant. Now if I don't get the job, I'll have to deal with their told-you-so's. I also read online it's best not to tell when interviewing but telling when you have a job offer already... so much conflicting advice I'm really nervous and now I feel pressure because my family is so negative and stubborn...and I posted on fb about it and this girl in Edmonton who I was childhood friends with she came out and said she got the same offfer for the same type of job same wage and she's a known liar so if I dont get hired she'll lie and say she did to make me feel like crap and she lives in edmonton so no one can really say anything.

The job is at a call centre and they know I could only work until September due to school, [its fulltime], so it means the period they expected me for would be shortened, but it has a very fast turnaround rate since it's Collections..

I live in Canada btw. :)

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Re: Job Interview...

  • I had a job interview when I was about 9 weeks along and I didn't tell them. I figured it was so early and I hadn't even seen the doctor or had an ultrasound yet so things may not have been ok with the baby. Last week I was offered the job and accepted it but did not tell the nurse recruiter over the phone. I plan on calling the new nurse manager (who I interviewed with) tomorrow and let her know the situation to make sure it is ok. Legally no one can discriminate against you for being pregnant, if they offered you the job and you accepted I would just tell them and be up front. They can't fire you for it!
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  • I went in for an interview the other day at 16 weeks and at the end of the interview, when I was sure I had a good rapport with the interviewer, I did tell her I was expecting.  Mind you, I'm definitely planning on going back after the baby's born and I made sure I let her know that.  However, at previous interviews I did not share and would not have until I had the job offer. I'm not sure why I changed my mind with this one, but it seems to have worked in my favor as I landed the job anyway :).  I would wait and see what vibe you get from the interviewer and then mention it or not as you see fit at the time.  GL!

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  • With the fast turnaround, I'm sure they'll just be happy to have someone committed to the position.  While you don't have to tell them, I just got an offer yesterday and I had let them know between the 1st and 2nd interview - sent a well worded email to the coordinator stating that I was struggling with telling them but ultimately did not want to waste anyone's time if this was going to be a position that I couldn't do while big.

    Now the difference is while I could certainly use the money, we're doing ok on one income and didn't want to get into a crazy situation when I started (and it's obvious I'm pregnant - it may be a toss up if I'm fat or pregnant for people who don't know me, but I'm expanding fast and my mom was HUGE with me)

    For you, it's a call centre job so there should be a lot of sitting, nothing you can't do at 8 months, so I wouldn't worry about telling them just yet - show what a great asset you are and prove yourself again over the first few weeks so they won't want to replace you until necessary!
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