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Cigna Ins.coverage for Home Birth?

Has anyone with Cigna Insurance had a home birth or was planning on it and found out it wasnt covered? I'm currently using a Birth Cottage and they were trying to find out if my insurance will cover it and Cigna will not confirm yes or no, i guess the charge code is the same for home or in the facility birth but the location code is different If you do it at home and thats where there could be a problem. I'm hoping someone else has gone through this already and has an answer otherwise i either do it at home anyways and hope they pay the bill when it is sent in or i change my plan and have it at the cottage where i know for sure it will be covered but i really dont want to do that and cant afford to play it by ear and then it not be covered. Not as expensive at the hospital but still a lot out of pocket. Any input it appreciated!
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Re: Cigna Ins.coverage for Home Birth?

  • Have you tried calling Cigna yourself? I would also post this on the Natural Birth board.
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  • You should be able to go online and check to see if the facility is in-network.  You can also call Cigna member services and ask if the facility is in-network.  Keep asking for a supervisor until someone gives you a straight answer.  I would NOT risk having to pay out of pocket for a birth.  Not only because it would be expensive, but God forbid your baby have complications, they may deny the baby coverage because the birth wasn't covered.  NICU can run $100,000 a week.  I think it's best to check this out thoroughly.

    P.S. I have experience in the health coverage industry.

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  • What happened with this?  Did you find out if Cigna covers you for home birth?

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