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wipe warmer??

Hey all you second time moms! Did you use/using a wipe warmer? Thinking of putting one on registry and don't know if it is worth it? Tips?


Re: wipe warmer??

  • I did not have one in the begining and wish I did.  LO would cry at the middle of the night diaper changes. Maybe he would have cried anyway.  I started nuking the wipes in the microwave before each night time change.

    I then purchased a wipes warmer eventually.  I did not use it in the summertime but have recently started using it again.  I think it's worth it.  I also don't find that they dry out the wipes, at all.

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  • I never used one with my first and don't plan to this time around.  When you are out you aren't going to be able to heat up those wipes, so why get your baby used to it.  Also, I hear it dries out the wipes as well (they already dry out well enough on their own).
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  • Everyone I've ever heard from says they're unneccessary. I have one because I was given one as a handmedown, but I wouldn't have bought one.

    Our family friends have one and so when I watch their boys I use it, and honestly, the wipe isn't warm anymore by the time it gets to baby's bottom

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  • I had one and never used it. In fact it stayed in the box and I ended up returning it. I don't plan on one for our newest addition either.


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  • I didn't use one.  It wasn't something I saw as a necessity.
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  • I'm a FTM, but one of my friends swears by them. She said it makes the middle-of-the-night changes much nicer. I am getting one.
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  • My sister had one and used it for about a week. My niece got too pampered with it and would FREAK any time they were not warm. After a few days of room temp wipes she was fine with it :)
  • NO.  They are a pretty big fire hazard and have been reported to have left burn marks on a lot of people's furniture (under where it was sitting) Ive even seen a report where it set the nursery on fire.
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  • We didn't have one.  I didn't find it necessary.  I had a friend who swore by it though.  But if you do decide to get one, make sure you get the travel one too, otherwise baby is VERY unhappy with the cold wipe on the go.  (That was a tip from the friend who swore by hers)
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  • Nope and I actually didn't know that anyone still used these. If you really want you can warm the wipe up between your hands for a second and the chill will be gone.
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  • My son was born in December and it turned out to be the best thing ever. A cold wipe touching his butt started WWIII, so it came in VERY handy.

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  • I didn't have one and I never regretted it.
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  • I had one, and used it with my first dd.  She was a winter baby and hated being changed and the feel of the cool wipe.  For her it was def. worth it.  It made middle of the night changes that much easier on both of us!  With DD #2 I didn't use it because she was a summer baby and didn't seem to mind the cool wipes, however, if she would have fussed at changing time I would have pulled it out.  Same goes this time around. If the LO is fussy during diaper changes I will give it a try. 
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  • I'm a FTM, but I have one on my registry.

    I've heard conflicting reviews about them as well. I had a friend who wished she had one, she said she would rub the wipe between her hands at night to warm it, but felt like she was "using it" to clean her hands before cleaning her kid's bum...so she really wished she'd had one as cold wipes shocked the baby and made getting her back to sleep a pain in the ass. Literally. Ha.

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  • Babies absolutely get used to the temperature of wipes. I think it's ridiculous to feel they "need" warm butt wipes. I figure when I'm out I wont have warm wipes on hand, so why not get used to it. And you know what? Holding a wipe in your hand for all of 2 seconds takes the chill off too. Also, I've heard they dry out wipes and can be a fire hazard. 
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  • I used one and really liked it. I will use it again.  The one I had did dry out the last couple of wipes but only a couple.   Definately a good gift.


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  • I had 1, 2 actually (1 upstairs, 1 down stairs) and LOVED them!  I live in Florida where it never actaully gets that cold, but it's still nice to be able to use a warm wipe on little tushies.  My son appreciates them as well, but is fine when we are out with out them. 

    Highly recommended!

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  • I did, but we didn't use it for very long. It seemed to dry out the wipes very quickly and I was constantly having to refill it. It was easier just to throw away a used up pack and start over. We go a lot too, and of course I didn't have one to take with me, so I think DD was actually more used to a cold wipe than the warm ones- so it never bothered her. I will not use one at all this time.
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  • Had a November baby and never needed one. When they are super tiny, they will cry every time you change their diaper whether the wipes are warm or cold.
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  • Nope. We didn't really buy much of the "extras" like that. I have heard from many people that they are a waste and dry your wipes out though. Then there are some that rave about them.
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  • We had one but never ever used it. 
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  • I had one, and DS cried during changes whether the wipe was warm, lukewarm, or cold. I got rid of it and wished I hadn't wasted the money. 

     Keep in mind you probably won't necessarily be changing the majority of diapers on the changing table, especially as your child gets older. Unless you plan on carrying the wipe warmer around the house and on visits outside of the house, my opinion is that it's kind of impractical. Save your money!!





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  • We got one that we registered for with DS.  I was told we HAD to have one, esp in case the baby was a boy (we were team green).  Well, he was a boy & the thing never was plugged in a single time!  It's sitting, unused, in his closet waiting for me to try & sell it.  We didn't find a need for it, just that it took up space.  To "warm" the wipes in winter, we'd just hold it in our hands for a minute before changing him & that worked out great.
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  • They are awesome for night time changes and in the cold months.  We stopped using it during the summer and have not returned to it.  It was great for the first few months.  I probably would not have bought one if it was not gifted to me though.

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  • well thanks for your input ladies! I really appreciate it, I guess I will put one on the reg. and if I get it great!! If not I will not go out of my way to buy. We live in az, and he will be an early spring baby so it will be getting warmer as he gets older :)


  • We used it during the winter when baby was little.  This is one of those things that I was handed down and thought was useless but in the end was glad to have it.  Especially during the newborn months.
  • I didnt use one, but did recieve one as a gift.  After a friend of mine had her baby (after I had already had 4), her son screamed at every diaper change...didnt matter what time of day it was.  I gave it to her, and she loved it.  He stopped screaming all together.  She used it until he was about 6 months.
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  • I'm hoping to get one, I put it on my registry. I live in Maine and its still pretty cold in early April. Plus our house can be a bit drafty.
    If it were my bum, I'd rather have a warm wipe. :-)
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  • Not a second time mom but I think most of us made it through with the wipe being toasty.  It's totally unnecessary. I got one just recently as a gift and promptly returned it for something that I will actually use like clothes.

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