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Just got done with my 25 week appt and I have got to make a change.  I know our bodies will gain what they need to, but I have not been behaving dietarily and need to do better.  I get so hungry that I grab unhealthy things (A burger king value meal for a snack yesterday!).  I'm making too many exceptions (i.e. this will be my only cupcake/starbucks breakfast/bagel sandwich/etc this week).  I think I need to get on more of a set schedule for what I eat and when to eliminate the choices- because I keep making the wrong choices!

So- let's talk healthy snacks.  Carrot sticks are not going to cut it.  I'm seriously hungry, and even with humus, they are not going to keep me in line.  

I'm thinking I can pre measure servings of healthy trail mix and get some Greek yogurts.  Other snacks that are keeping you satisfied without splurging daily? 

(btw I'm not panicing, and even if I were I am doubling reasonable weight gain- 8 lbs in 4 weeks and 6 lbs the previous 3 weeks. yikes) 

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Re: healthy snacking

  • My go-to snack this entire pregnancy has been an apple sliced with raw almond butter. It's sooo filling and delicious. I love it! My other snack is a handful of raw almonds, carrots, sliced cucumber, or yogurt with some fresh fruit and honey mixed in.

    I know that during pregnancy isn't the time to deprive yourself, but any time you are feeling the need to snack, it's important to ask yourself WHY you are feeling like you need something. Are you truly hungry? Or is there something that triggers that snacking feeling, like stress, happiness, boredom, etc?


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  • My 2 recent kicks that are fairly healthy (and actually seem to help with digestion too!) are either apple slices dipped in semi sweet or dark chocolate (I melt chips or chunks of candy bars myself to make the dip) or grapes with white cheddar cheese.


    Both also work well to satisfy any time I get a sweet tooth.  AND they add to the liquid intake I should be getting (but am a huge slacker on if it means actually drinking out of a cup/glass/even with a straw...).

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  • I've  been into the Greek yogurt Chobani recently.  SO good!
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  • My go to snacks right now are clementines or Babybel cheese. Also, I'll do a graham cracker with some peanut butter on it or some greek yogurt with granola.
  • Greek Gods yogurt - the honey-flavored one seriously tastes like cheesecake. Amazing. Add in a little granola or some fruit and nuts and you're set - delicious! 

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  • image Floridamom224:
    I've  been into the Greek yogurt Chobani recently.  SO good!

    Love this yogurt. I also eat hummus and veggies too, but I do carrots, green peppers, cucumbers...mmm

     I have been doing dried fruit trail mix, almonds, popcorn, fruit (bananas and apples have a lot of fiber), frozen fruit so I won't eat ice cream, crackers with peanut-butter, cinnamon swirl toast, yogurt and granola... Hope that helps :) 


  • I know what you mean :-)

    I read somewhere that if you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you aren't really hungry.   Not sure if it's true for pregnancy, but it has definitely stopped me from choosing junk food quite a few times.

    Fav snacks...

    apple slices with a little natural peanut butter

    kettle corn popcorn

    unsalted almonds

    If I am looking for something substantial, I go for a bowl of cheerios.  It helps me get some calcium and I don't feel guilty afterwards.

  • Some healthy(ier) snacks I like- popcorn, string cheese, raisins and peanuts, cereal, granola bars, banana slices with peanut butter, hot chocolate made with skim milk. 
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  • Sliced apples w/ peanut butter

    mozzarella cheese sticks

    sliced cheddar cheese with whole wheat crackers

    Greek yogurt w/ Kashi Go Lean and some type of fruit mixed in 

    Frozen organic whole wheat waffles

    Small bowl of raisin bran 

    Whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter, honey and an entire banana wrapped up YUMMM 

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  • I am having the same problem! Thanks for asking this, you guys have a lot of good ideas....Big Smile

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