2nd Trimester

Feeling Baby Move...When?

So I guess this is what 2nd tri girls find to obsess over after they gain a slight sense of relief after leaving 1st tri behind.

I still have not felt the baby move.  How many weeks/days were you when it happened?  I feel like it should be happening anytime now, but I'm getting anxious.  I'm in that in between stage that I still don't feel/look really pregnant, yet 2 sonograms prove that I am!  Smile

When you did feel the baby and were sure it was the baby moving, were you sitting, standing, laying down, etc.  And how long after was it before your hubby could feel it from the outside?

Re: Feeling Baby Move...When?

  • DC1 - I was laying on my stomach.

    DC2 - I was sitting in a chair with my legs pulled up against my chest....kinda like sitting up in the fetal position.

    I felt both pretty early though, so I can't help you there. Soon you'll feel it though!

  • i didn't start feeling movment that i KNEW was the baby until about 19 weeks.  DH felt her move last week, but it wasn't easy to catch her moving :-)
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  • 19 weeks exactly for me. ?I was sitting in bed and just felt one big kick. ?The next few days I felt him all day long. ?I still have to be sitting down or laying down to feel him. ?If I am up and active I can't feel him still yet.
  • With DS I felt him move around 21-22 weeks with this pregnancy I felt the baby move at 14.5 weeks
  • I started feeling this one about 18 weeks.  I never felt my first DD move.  I could tell she was moving if I watched her on an ultrasound and then saw her kick, but otherwise, I could never tell.  The new one, I can already see him moving my stomach outside of my body.
  • I started to feel them about 2 weeks ago.  But they are so slight you might not even notice them, (or think you have gas).  I notice them more when I am laying down at night. Sometimes its a lot for a short burst of time and then I can go for days without noticing another.  You probably just have recognized any movement yet, but it is happening I promise. :)
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  • I was about 18 weeks 4 days.  It felt like a little bug walking on my stomach.  I felt kicks at 22 weeks and dh finally felt them at 23 weeks 5 days
  • I felt flutters at 15w5d and knew for sure it was baby around 18 weeks. Dh just started to be able to really feel the kicks within the last week.
  • I may have felt him around 19 weeks-I felt funny little flutters when I was going about my normal business (washing dishes, shopping), and then I felt him for sure around 20 weeks when I could feel little taps when I was lying down.  DH felt the kicks around 21.5 weeks, and he's only gotten more violent since then!
  • I was just reading about this this morning (I had read 16-20 weeks, but a friend told me over the weekend that she didn't feel anything until 22, so I was confused).  Apparently 1st-time moms don't feel kicks/flutters until much later, partly because we don't quite recognize them yet and partly because our abdominal muscles are still pretty taut (after PG1, abs never quite recover so moms can feel more).  I totally sympathize with you - I'm DYING to feel this baby move! - but we'll probably have to hold on a little longer.
  • I didn't feel my first move until after 20 wks...more like 21 wks, I think.  I had an anterior placenta.  I used to get so freaked out because everyone on BOTB would post about feeling constant movement at like 15 wks.  Kate is almost 18 months old now, so she was totally fine the whole time :)

    With this one, I am 17 wks, and I have felt a few flutters, but nothing consistent yet.  I thought I'd feel the second one earlier, but it seems like  I am just a late movement feeler. :)

  • My doctor told me I might feel movement earlier than a lot of women because of my slender frame, even thought this is my first.  I felt her move at around 16 or 17 weeks, but wasn't sure what it really was until about 19 weeks.  Even now, movement is not real constant though.  DH has felt her move only once.
  • I am on my 20 week today and just started knowing the movement a couple days ago :) I read some where that it felt like buterflys but not for me. Honestly I noticed it because it just didnt feel like my body was doing something normal lol...
    It is almost like little muscle spasims... I dont feel it very strong just every once in a while ill get ?a jolt lol it is more noticable every day. when im sitting or laying with my nees bent on my side. I dont know when other people are supposed to feel it on the out side but last night my hubby was holding my tummy in hopes he would (like he often does) and he felt it! so i guess it just happens when it happens? Every one is different. I cant wait till it gets stronger! just hang in there k! I know you will feel it soon.
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