MoM's to be check in :)

MoM's to be check in :)


Congrats to raches on the birth of her boy/girl twins on 11/02/11! her story

Congrats to lrrb on the birth or her boy/girl twins on 11/05/11! her story 

Congrats to amye84 on the birth of her girls on 11/17/11! her story

Congrats to Punkin06 on the birth of her girls on 11/23/11!  her story

Congrats to sadie910 on her boy/girl twins on 11/28/11!  her story
Congrats to afwifestrecker7706 on her girl/girl/boy triplets on 11/29/11!  her story



I will post the check in every Monday but feel free to contribute whenever you can or when you have any news :) I will read all updates before I post the next week. I will also try to follow and post birth stories too. PM me with anything, suggestions for QOTW, additions, changes, general multiples questions, I am here for you! The official date for multiples bump photos and ultrasound sharing is the first post of every month but feel free to share anytime too! If you are worried about showing your face just take a photo of that beautiful multiples belly :)

***If you would like to be added to the check in WELCOME and please give your due date and any other information you would like added such as: genders, surprise, triplets, quads, etc. whether you are on bedrest or hospital bedrest.

QOTW: Are you planning to take babymoon, if so where, if not where would you go if given the chance?  What was your favorite past vacation and why?


jms1223 boy/girl 11/21 c-sect 11/07

ColleenS629 di/di boys 11/25


punkin06 girls 12/08

fets10 di/di boys 12/12

spcarmywife boy/girl 12/13

drgeli di/di fraternal boys 12/15 c-sect 12/01

lrrb boy/girl 12/20 c-sect 11/29

amye84 di/di girls bedrest 12/24

nsunsera girl/? 12/26 induc/c-sect 12/05

Glowconsin idenitcal girls and boy Triplets bedrest 12/27 will be here at or before 11/15

hayleydeee fraternal boys bedrest 12/28

afwifestrecker7706 tri/tri girl/girl/boy Triplets 12/31 c-sect at or before 11/29

Happy 2012!


amh1979 fraternal girls 1/01 will be born at 37-38 weeks

Sadie910 boy/girl 1/04

raches boy/girl 1/06

kthappy76 boy/girl bedrest 1/12 c-sect 12/30 if still breech

RobinNicole di/di girls 1/20 c-sect

alindt moni/di surprise 1/21 c-sect

besu-chan di/di girls 1/24 will be born between 37-38 weeks

LauraJ23 di/di girls 1/24 katyboston girl/girl/boy Triplets 1/24 c-sect 1/13 emma12210 boy/girl c-sect on 1/25

RAF56 di/di girls 1/26


sarahvarno boys 2/01

politelypink boy/girl bedrest 2/01

Chibaby26 boy/girl 2/02

gin7914 di/di girls 2/03

WhiteysWifey b/b/g triplets 2/03 induc/c-sect 1/06

en0204 identical girls 2/07 c-sect 1/18 or 1/19 frogchic295 di/di boys 2/07 will be born at or before 1/25

kiwi443 moni/di girls 2/13 c-sect 1/26 crystaleyes39 girls 2/11 Krista99 boy/girl 2/14

Christinaxxo mono/di girls 2/17

petite chouette di/di boys 2/17

lmydogally girls 2/18

curlywhirly boy/girl 2/20

emschott di/di boy/girl 2/21 princessb44  boys  2/21 BlakeG di/di boys 2/22 JenniferB1974 di/di boys 2/27 c-sect 2/14 Chrissc34 boys 2/29


McGibbon51311 di/di boys 3/02

TeacherTiff mono/di girls 3/03 babies at the end of February

Mrs_MBed mono/di boys 3/11 c-sect mid February

aattebury di/di girls 3/13

HaleyLady boys 3/15

bets1009 fraternal girls 3/17

shananagins di/di girls? 3/23

deutschefairy boy/girl 3/29 c-sect DavezWife  boy/girl  late March


KelinandKevin  girls  4/01

snoangel79 boy/girl 4/04 c-sect at or before 3/24

lou3386 girls 4/04

phillygirl526 di/di girls 4/06

DoraBride07 boy/girl 4/08

selenamarino boy/girl 4/09

redhotchili83 boy/girl 4/09

AmyJoy728 boys 4/10

reillyroowho mono/di boys 4/15

07may07  boy/girl  4/19

ninjabridemom ident  boys  4/19

Dee1028 4/21

erniebufflo di/di 4/21

bs101406 4/23

CrawltheWarriorKing fraternal surprise 4/25

LnA5909 di/di Boy/Girl 4/27

wntrgrl83 di/di 4/29


mlmulcah mono/di 5/01

benz2010 mo/mo 5/04

LadyEmmi  boy/girl  5/06

Fryjack di/di 5/13

KDR1979 di/di  boy/girl  5/14 srbmvp mono/di boys 5/14 tarajayne 5/17

chellsii  di/di  boy/girl  5/18

Breezy8407 5/19

sweetsugarmama 5/27


klineme03  6/03 

Fryjack2 6/04

HazelEyes730 6/05

naflmj di/di 6/05

koyn 6/06

allisonmarie22 surprise 6/07

Missa_g 6/10

angelfire02 mono/di 6/11

LottaLattes 6/17

socialmediamommy  mono/di  6/22

Long=journey 6/30


sweetclementine 7/04

melissaRW27 triplets 7/06

nursemama2be 7/10

kzawisl 7/11
MrsOjoButtons  7/26
kiwi625  di/di?  7/11
DH: 33 dx Azoospermia due to CBAVD from CF  
ME: 37 DOR and poor AMH/FSH
IVF/ICSI/PESA #1 Beta 1 373 Beta 2 1783 TWINS!! Born April 2010!!
Natural FET 5/26/12 2 blasts :) :) Beta 1 207 Beta 2 513 Beta 3 1377 U/S 6/28 Pregnancy not viable d & c scheduled :( 
IVF/ICSI/PESA #2 ER 11/15/12 Nothing to transfer :( 
IVF/ICSI #3 April 2013 MDLF 3dt of 3 embryos, chemical :(  
IVF #4/ICSI/PESA/AH EPP??? 2014 adding acupuncture and supplements for Embryo Quality
ODWU CCRM with Dr. Sch early 2015???

Re: MoM's to be check in :)

  • Update:  We had our A/S a few weeks ago and found out we are having boy/girl twins!

    QOTD:  No, no babymoon planned.  I think if I were feeling better, I may want to go do something.  But, I have just not been feeling well at all.  I do so much better when I can sleep in my own bed.  But, if I were feeling up to it and if the weather there were warm there, I'd love to get away to Bermuda for a couple of days!

    *P/SAIFW* TTC since 1/08 Clomid, 2 IUIs, 4 IVFs, FET 7 losses Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Congrats to all the new moms! No updates here. We are not going on a babymoon. It does sound appealing though, but we have too much to do at our new house. Got to love home improvement projects. My favorite vacation is not that recent, but it is still our honeymoon in Belize. We've been on a few other trips, but nothing like that. Have a great week ladies!

    After 22 cycles and tube removal our IVF miracle has arrived! Detailed IF and IVF info in bio.

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  • Update: hit the third trimester and now have less than 10 weeks to go until the boys are full term!

    QOTW: Nope, no babymoon for us. I honestly can't imagine traveling while pregnant. The entire first trimester I was sick, and then in the second trimester I had horrible Bronchitis, and now that I'm in the third trimester, going to the grocery store is my version of going out. All the more power to moms who are able to, but I just didn't luck out with symptoms to be able to travel away from home. That's okay though, the money is better off spent on preparing for the boys.  

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  • Hi! I'd love to be added to the check in thread!

    We are expecting boy-girl twins, technically due May 6th but we're hoping to make it to mid-April. ;)

    This will be our second and third children in one shot! We have a 4 year old daughter also.  

    I'm in the Advanced Maternal Age camp and had a few problems with my pregnancy with my daughter (PIH, pre-eclampsia, carpal tunnel) so we're watching for issues this time around too. 

    Thanks and congrats to all the MoMs!! 


    We're expecting twins in the spring!!


  • Congrats May! Love Bermuda too! :)

    Glowconsin had her trips a few wks ago. No new news on me, just really excited that we could have outside babies in a few wks.

    QOTD: At one point, we were hoping to go to Italy for our 5th anni/my 35th in Sept., but several wks before I ended up on bed rest and we nearly lost the twins. Thankfully, we did take a getaway to NYC and the Hamptons just before things went downhill.

    TTK 9/06 / TTC 10/08 / Twins 12/11 / Life Blog
    5 REs + 3 surgical hysteroscopies for septum/lap + 3 failed IUIs
    IVF w/ICSI/AH & acu = BFP!, unexplained spontaneous m/c @ 8w2d (our little girl),
    FET w/acu = BFP!, B/G twins!, lost MP @19w, dx w/funneling cervix @20w,
    twins nearly lost to IC @21w, saved by rescue cerclage, 17P & 16w of bedrest
    Our twins born @36w4d via CS when A came foot first

    Thankful for every day

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  • Update: Had my NT scan last week and Baby A wasn't very cooperative so it took an HOUR to get all the measurements we needed, but both babies looked great. They're both measuring about 4 days ahead of when I know I ovulated. Still feeling terrible and throwing up every day. Can't wait for that part to be over.

     No babymoon for us, or if we do, we'll have our toddler with us ;) We are fortunate to have taken some really awesome trips before we started having kids: St. Martin, Hawaii, Riviera Maya, so I don't feel deprived, but I do look forward to when our kids are old enough for us to leave them with family and for them to come with us and enjoy the trip! 

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  • QOTW: Are you planning to take babymoon, if so where, if not where would you go if given the chance?  What was your favorite past vacation and why?

    We took a babymoon around 20 weeks. We went to our usual vacation spot We had a great time. I was still comfortable and able to walk around a lot. We used to go to Cancun every year which is our all time favorite spot. We love the all-inclusive resorts and the beautiful ocean.  We can't wait to bring the boys to Disney when they get older.

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  • I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I'm officially "out" at work today.  I wanted to wait at least another week but my bump is giving me away.  I had several people ask me last week and wasn't very convincing with my evasive words.  It's nervewracking to have the pregnancy be more public now, but exciting too.

    No babymoon for us.  We conceived our twins while on a short trip to Vegas, so that was it for us for awhile Stick out tongue If we could we would love to go on another seven day cruise.  We went on one for our honeymoon and one for our third anniversary.  I love sitting on the balcony and reading a cheesy book!

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    BFP #2 Medicated cycle, twin boys born 4/4/12 at 29w4d
    BFP #3 EDD 8/8/14, D&C for missed miscarriage at 8w, baby boy with triploidy
    BFP #4 June 2014 CP
  • Congratulations to the new mommies and babies!!!

    No babymoon for us.  We opted to open an italian restaurant instead.  So the one day a week the hubby will be off will be preparing for babies arrival.  We had planned a weekend getaway to Destin for our anniversary but cancelled at the last minute because our son's football team went to the superbowl and we wouldn't be good parents if we went away instead of watching "the biggest game of his life". 

     Had some "real" contractions last week and the BH just keep coming.  We have another ultrasound tomorrow morning because they weren't able to get all measurements needed at the last one.  I'm hoping for some good 4d ultrasound pics.  Fingers crossed.

    Happy Monday to everyone!!!


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  • Congrats everyone!!!!

    We will probably go to the Vineyard, or Bermuda depending on how I feel about flying. Maybe we will do both since we can take a ferry to the Vineyard :)

    Best vacation with DH was Italy.

    Best vacation (if you want to call it that) without him was the months I spent bumming around Europe.  Oh, to be young and care free again!!

  • I am sooo sick and wish I was in bed instead of work right now.  I've hada terrible cold for days and I just want it gone!  Just had to whine for a moment...thankfully I have my MFM appt. tomorrow so at least I'll get to see my little guys, that always cheers me up.

    No babymoon for us, we're just trying to save as much money & time off as possible since I don't get maternity leave.  The best vacation we've taken so far was definitely our honeymoon in Greece.  We did Athens, Mykonos & Santorini...I could live in Santorini forever! 


    Natural BFP - 2/13/10, Natural M/C - 3/9/10 (Missed m/c found at 8wks 4days) Prenatal B/W shows I'm a Beta Thal carrier & so is DH. Onto IVF w/PGD... Jan 2011 - IVF #1 - C/P Mar 2011 - IVF #2 - Day 5 PGD, no ET, 5 snow babies May 2011 - FET #1 - BFP!! Twins!!! 2/9/12 - Our precious miracles arrived! Baby A 7lbs 13oz & Baby B 5lbs 13oz
  • I never had a chance to post my birth story yet, but I had my twins on November 2nd.
    m/c 7/17/10
    Dx: MFI- 3% morph
    IUIs: Gonal-F + Ovidrel + b2b IUI= BFNs
    IVF with ICSI= BFP! EDD 11/25/11
    3/18- Beta #1 452! 3/20- Beta #2 1,026!! 3/27- First u/s- TWINS!
    Our twin boys arrived at 36w5d due to IUGR and a growth discordance

    FET: Medicated FET moved up to 5/23 due to ovulation
    Transferred a 6BB hatched blastocyst- genetically normal female embryo
    BFP! 5/28- 5dp6dt      
    6/1 Beta #1- 223! 6/3 Beta #2- 567!


    Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
  • Update: nothing major to report. I have my 9w u/s tomorrow! Qotw: we had already planned and paid for a cruise in January, so we're calling it our babymoon. :) my favorite trip of all time was our honeymoon. We want to Tahiti and Moorea, and stayed in an overwater bungalow. It was paradise! I lived having my morning coffee and watching fish and sting rays go by.
    Me: 30, Dx Unexplained/hypothalamic amenorrhea
    DH: 31, normal!
    April/May 2011: Menopur + Ovidrel +TI = BFN
    Oct 2011: Menopur + Hcg +IUI = BFP!
    Beta #1 (13dpiui)= 129.7, Beta #2 (15 dpiui)= 305
    PAIF/SAIF always welcome!
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  • We went on a babymoon Thanksgiving wknd (20-21 wks) to my aunt's beach condo at Dewey Beach. We wanted to go somewhere Boston, CT, SC, NC... but decided that we didn't want to spend the money. So we borrowed my aunt's house and didn't have to board our dog. Much cheaper vacation, and we got some awesome sunset pictures and some of our Christmas shopping :)

    I started feeling some baby movements at 21 wks. At my last appt my cervix went back up from 3.5 to 3.8, so I was able to stop stressing about that. Next appt is next Monday.


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  • Update: NT scan looked good, just waiting on blood results which will be in this week. We also caved and booked an elective gender scan, I want to know for the holidays. However, if we need to see the MFM sooner due to any results from the blood test, we'll probably cancel since I assume we'll get a peek there.

    QOTW: No babymood planned, not in the budget. I'd love to go to Europe, maybe Greece since DH has never been. My favorite vacations have always been our yearly beach vacations because there is no set agenda and I am always so relaxed when coming home.

    "Normal day, let me be aware of the treasured day you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart...let me hold you while I may."


    TTC #1- unexplained...lost left ovary 4/07 IUI #1 2/10/09-BFN IUI #2 3/5/09-BFN IVF # 1-BFP

    TTC#2- FET 4/7/11 BFP, Natural mc 5/5/11 IVF#2 ER 9/13/11, ET 9/16/11, Beta #1 9/27/11 BFP 254 Beta #2 9/30/11 793 -Twins!

  • No babymoon for us, we're saving all our money for the monstrous expenses ahead. I'd love to go to Hawaii though =)

    I am feeling pretty blah, just want to sleep, although I've never been a good sleeper and that hasn't changed. I get needles and pins constantly (even in half of my face yesterday after I took a nap!), I'm always hungry, my digestion is horrible, my hair and skin are dry and I'm irritable.

    When is this alleged "pregnancy glow" thing going to happen? I'm starting to think it's all a myth. 

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  • I would like to be added to the list.  I am having suprise twins!! I am due June 3rd. I am very excited it will be our first two!!  I am hoping to find out the genders on December 20th!! What a great Christmas gift!!

    We are not taking a babymoon.  Need to save our cash!!  I would love to go to a beach!  Somewhere warm!!!

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  • The only updates are that they don't have CF (only carriers) and are BOYS!! :)


    Also, just this second, it hit me that we're having 2 babies.  Like...soon.  Hopefully not too soon but it's creeping up.  I keep seeing people's tickers where they say "only 1 month left!" etc and they aren't too too far ahead of me.  Cue panic attack... 

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  • I've been feeling pretty good lately. And we have a scan scheduled for Wednesday, excited to see what's going on in there! 

    I don't think we'll be doing a baby moon this time around, but if we do it will be something within an hour of us. We've been having the urge to go camping because we have a brand new travel trailer we've only been able to use a few times. So it would be nice to be able to go hang out by a lake for a weekend before the madness begins!


  • Update: Last week my appointment didn't go the greatest. My blood pressure has been slowly creeping up, and my cervical length is starting to decrease. My doctor had me do the steroid shots, and has me on stricter bedrest.

    QOTW: No babymoon for us! I had really really wanted to go away for a night, but bedrest kind of changed those plans. I'm hoping we can still get out for a nice meal before the babies are born.

    TTC#1 Lap #1 Jan 2009, Lap #2 April 2010, Lap #3 April 2011, Clomid cycle #1 Twin A&B born January 19th, 2012!

  • It's confirmed, we are having 2 girls! I just got out of the hospital yesterday. They were treating me for low oxygen and an increased heart rate. I also had a pulmonary embolism but after some treatments it looks like things are clear. I am home on bed rest and settling in for the long haul...

    QOTD: We can't take a babymoon because I am stuck on bed rest and because we can't afford it. My favorite place to vaca is the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Nice beaches, beautiful weather, all-inclusive resorts and plenty of attractions to see. We usually go every year, but not anymore! Oh well, it's worth it! :) 


    Full TTC journey in profile.

    IVF#3 - BFP 7/21/11. Twins - TWO GIRLS!! We welcomed Cora and Olivia to our family on March 5th, 2012.

    "Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."

  • Update   

    OB had me stop working but not on bed rest just taking it easy at home. I am almost 29 weeks and I am defintely feeling it. Having dizziness lightheadedness, diaphoretic and nausea with emisis in the morning after breakfast for 2 hours. Bh contractions wiith to much walking.  babies r u good weighing 2.12 and 2.13 at last us. I thought that baby a was supposed to be bigger but I guess it is only an one oz. they r both breech and that has been there trend. Sounds like vaginal delivery won't be an option. We will see what the boys decide.  


    Hopeful this light duty home rest that I am calling it will go well for another 5 to 6 weeks and I can stay out of hospital.


  • No real updates here. The girls have their fetal echo this week so I'm getting a little nervous about that!

    QOTD: No babymoon for us although I would love one. We have a lot of what we call "baby debt" from fertility treatments so spending money on travel isn't really in the cards for us unfortunately. See, I'm already sacrificing for these kids! lol

    imageimage" mce_src="image">Here I am at 21 weeks.

    TTC since July 2009
    IUI #1 September 2010 = BFN
    IVF#1 November 2010 = BFN
    IVF #2 July 2011
    BFP on 7/25
    1st ultrasound 8/15 = TWINS!!!!
    Eliza and Harper are here!
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  • QOTW: Are you planning to take babymoon, if so where, if not where would you go if given the chance?  What was your favorite past vacation and why?

    Nope, No babymoon.. we have waaayy too much going on. But If we could I think we'd definitley go to the Oregon beaches.. I wanna see that so bad. My favorite past vacation would be when I went to Mazatlan, Mexico. I was young, I got to drink and party, and there was the amazing beach! One day we will definitley go back with our kids! :)

    Could you please update by my name? di/di boy/girl 

    Thank you :)

  • Update: Nothing new to report. I have my first appt. with the OB on Thursday, hopefully things are still going well. last week I was exhausted and my bump was huge...this week I feel much better and the bump is smaller. I am sure last week was water strange though how I can fit into pants one week but not the next.

    No babymoon for us. Biggest reason is money or lack thereof. I would love to go somewhere warm, but there is no way I want to be in a swimsuit, be in an airplane, and deal with airports. Not to mention my love of beer/wine on vacation and things like sushi, I would just be more sad.

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    Boy/girl twins born at 37w1d and 37w2d

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  • No Major updates with me.  Went to a chiropractor last week that specializes in Maternity.  It made me feel better and I can't wait to see him again tomorrow.  I see my OB tomorrow and have a list of questions for her.  Seems like I'm starting to slow down quite a bit.  My hands hurt every morning and are swollen until about noon.  I have some days I feel pretty good, some not so much. 

    No babymoon for us.  We went to Costa Rica before our IVF round and knew that would most likely be our last child free trip for many years.  

    IVF#1 May 2011 15 Eggs Retrieved, 11 Fertilized using ICSI + HPT on 6/9/11 Beta #1 420 Beta #2 2167 US 7/1 TWINS!! Due 2/18/2012 Brooke and Nora born at 35.6 weeks Jan 20th 2012
  • No babymoon for us.  :o(  I am too worried that I'll have some complications while we're gone.  I've been very blessed to have had no complications so far, so it would be my luck things would go terribly wrong then.  If we could go anywhere, honestly, I'd love to go "home" for Christmas.  We haven't seen our family & friends since last year and we had planned on being out there this year.  Then we found out I'd be 30 wks pg with twins, so we had to cancel the trip :o(
    Megan B.
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  • Update: u/s last week showed baby girl breech and baby boy transverse so we scheduled a c/s for Jan 25 :( Hoping that baby boy will flip head down for me so we have a shot at a vag delivery!! No BR for me yet, but I'm taking it MUCH easier now that I'm not working, yay!

    QOTW: We WANTED to go to NYC, but it didn't happen :( It's probably a good thing that we saved the $$ b/c the expenses are adding up! Have a great week ladies!

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  • I'd love to be added to the list!

    We are due May 14th, mono/di boys, a big time surprise for us!!!!!

    No babymoon here, we've never even had our honeymoon, hahaha. I guess we'll wait till these little ones are old enough to leave with Grandma and Grandpa and finally take our honeymoon then. I love cruises, don't care where =)

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  • Hi ladies. I'm not super active on here, because although I'll always be a "MoM" at heart and in my belly, we're pretty sure our son "Cricket" will pass when he's born, so that leaves us, hopefully, with one perfect little baby girl. (he has some bladder/lung issues) But sometimes I feel guilty for dismissing (?)  him, so I'll participate a little bit ;-)  We're due in late March, we suspect.  We hope.

    QOTD:  we just came back from our "babymoon" actually, end of Oct. We scored what we THOUGHT was a deal of a lifetime at a "swanky" AI in Mexico, only to find out they've gone DOWN... WAY DOWN hill since we were there in 2008 and it was no longer swanky... and got stranded there for extra days because of Hurricane Rena that never really came ashore. Le sigh.  No sun, no beach... just the lousy TV and meh food. (plus we were talking to our MFM the whole time, Cricket's issues were discovered just prior to leaving, CVS results were coming in, etc. )

    So the trip was a bust. ;-(


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