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Sticking tongue out

My LO seems to be sticking his tongue out a lot. Even when he is just hanging out his mouth will be open a little bit with his tongue sitting right there. Anyone know the reason for this? We just noticed he was doing it a lot within the past few days. I believe he may be teething so could that have anything to do with it? Not really concerned but just looking for an explanation :)
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Re: Sticking tongue out

  • I think it's something they discover around that time. They're just exploring new things they can do. My DD was doing the same thing around 3 months and after a few weeks she stopped. Now she's trying to blow rasberries. 
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  • My DD does this, too.  I also think she is teething...but don't think it has to do with that very much.  I discovered a couple weeks ago that if I stick my tongue out at my DD that she will stick hers back at me!  Kind of like when I smile she smiles... but funnier!
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  • My daughter is obsessed with her tongue at the moment as well. I agree with PP, they are learning, experiencing, and trying to understand all these new things and skills. I also think my daughter is teething. She flicks her tongue in and out of her mouth, rubbing it along her gums. I call her my "lil lizard" haha. Always makes me laugh! :) 

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