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This may be a silly question, but at what point did you put your LO in a swing?  DS still sleeps most of the time, but I feel like I want him to at least have a little variety and not just lay in his bassinet all the time!
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Re: Baby swing

  • We have this swing.. and LO loves it!  We started putting him in there when he was 2 weeks adjusted! 
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  • DH put DS in it about a week after we brought him home from the NICU (approx. 38 weeks gest.) because he was really fussy and we were tired.  But we didn't use it regularly until DS was about 6 weeks adj. 

    Before about 1 mo. adj. they really don't need much for excitement...just carry baby with you while you do things around the house and baby is happy.  If you are tethered to equipment like we were, you have fewer options for where to go, but you can still change positions in the room(s) that the equipment allows you to move in.

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  • We put DD in her swing the day she came home. She was being fussy and it was awesome! 


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  • The nurses at the NICU actually started Kevin in a swing around his due date - maybe a bit after.  He slept in his swing at home as soon as we brought him home.

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