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Anyone putting clothes on their registry?

I wasn't going to put any clothes because I figured people would buy us clothes anyway.  (We are having a girl!)  I know when I go to a baby shower I buy off the registry and then I always buy a cute little outfit because baby clothes are so cute.  My mom is saying that I should still put like some onsesies and socks and stuff on the registry.

2nd time moms - any articles of clothing that are absolutely essential and that people won't think to get for us unless they're on the registry?


Re: Anyone putting clothes on their registry?

  • I can't think of real clothing items, but GOOD bath towels.  The thin, flimsy ones are worthless after baby is more than two weeks old.  Get the thick, hooded ones (they usually have a monkey or fish or dragon or something on the hood) or just use grown up towels.  If it's not thick like a real bath towel, it won't absorb all the water off of baby.  



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  • Don't put clothes on the registry.  I got tons of clothes as gifts.  I got stacks of onesies at my shower and people do give you socks.
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  • Personally, I wouldn't bother. I still got plenty of that stuff..especially for my daughter. I suggest never buying/ registering for too much of it a head of time anyway. You just don't know how big your baby will be and how fast they will grow. It is easier to run out and grab a few things (like socks) that you might not have recieved as a gift, once the baby was born.

    My daughetr was born bigger than my son, but grew much slower and it tiny and always needed more tiny diapers and clothes. My son was a moose who was always several sizes a head in everything. I got almost everything I needed without putting it on a registry..and even a lot of those gifts went to waste because they were not the size I needed. For example, my son was never in newborn clothes and wore 0-3 month for like 2 months.

    I also got a few gift cards at my shower and held onto them for such things for after the babies were here.

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  • The only thing I put on the registry related to clothes was a few different sizes of onesies.  Most people will go and pick out clothes and buy what they want.  I know as a person who has gone to showers, I usually try to buy people bigger clothes for baby -- 6-9 months, 9-12 months because a lot of people will buy the new mom newborn and 0-3 month clothes.
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  • I would not put clothes on my registry.  I didn't when I registered with our DD.  We did get tons of clothes, and then bought a lot on our own, too.  Clothes are rotated out so much, something you love right now may not even be in the store in a month.

    I think onesies, bibs, and sleepers are the most important things right away, but I think people will know to buy those. 

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  • Socks and onsies aren't usually "cute" but functional so I would agree they typically get overlooked when shopping for baby clothes for a shower.

    I did put them on my registry, and did NOT put outfits on there for the exact reason you mention above.

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  • Noooooooo.

    People love to buy clothes for baby showers even if it isn't on your registery. You will get plenty of clothes reguardless.

    I would put socks, hats, swaddleing blankets, and maybe infant gowns if you want to use those.

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  • I'm not putting clothes on my registry and I'm not buying lots of  fancy clothes for my newborn either.

    When buying newborn clothing / gifts for friends I usually give a pack of onsies because I've been told those are used the most. I don't buy clothes for later on because what is in the store is seasonal and in 6 months it want be able to be worn since it will be winter or summer or whatever. 

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  • Onsies in bigger sizes it's amazing how fast babies grow and most people only get you 0-3 or 3-6 month sizes it's nice to have some onsies or pjs from the shower in bigger sizes like all the way up to 18months!!
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  • I will put hooded towels on my registry. People really do give clothes regardless. I cant understand why so people give 0-3 month things, being that they dont last long. My daughter was always a size ahead, she was born 8lbs. 
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  • Yes, in fact I am almost done. I am doing my whole registry of things I need, regardless if people buy them or not. Anything left over my hub and I can buy in one sweep online to be more efficent. Plus, even though ppl buy clothes you wont have the right number of items you need. I am a planner though and my shower is 1.5 months before Im due so I want to be sure I have all I need.
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  • I agree with PP that you will get plenty of clothes so don't worry about registering for them. I would register for onesies, bibs, hats, socks and MITTENS. My DD's fingernails grew so fast and she kept scratching her sweet little face. We had no mittens and had to run out and get a few pairs. They also sell long sleeve onesies that have sleeves the cuff over as mittens. Just my suggestion :)
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