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Christmas Ideas for DS #2

My 2 boys are just over 2 years apart and I am finding myself having a REALLY hard time figuring out what to get DS #2 for Christmas. Since I kept all of DS#1 toys and clothes, DS#2 has A LOT. I was thinking teething stuff since I didn't keep much of that, but any creative other ideas of what to get my little one?

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Re: Christmas Ideas for DS #2

  • I think I'd do books, teethers, and bath toys (and any items he happens to need anyway that you don't have) and call it a day. 

    My LO was his age at Christmas last year and I really didn't have many toys for her and I def went over board.  Christmas morning I said 'OMG, I bought and wrapped all this stuff just to unwrap it all myself!'  

  • Bath toys are good if you're like me. (I throw the squirties away every couple of months.) Also you could get a special blanket or lovey. I got separate ones for my second daughter so that my oldest still had some of her own stuff.



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