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Solids Fail....

So we started our LO on green beans on sunday and he LOOOVED them.  He had been on rice cereal in his bottle since 3 months due to reflux.

Well Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night he woke up every 2 hours, squirming and hungry and was a general hot mess.  So we stopped them and Wednesday and Thursday night he resumed waking up 1 time to eat.

Anyone else had this problem with solids?  Did you just wait another month or so and try again?  I'm wondering if his tummy just isn't ready for solids.

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Re: Solids Fail....

  • I would agree that at 4 months, he's probably just not ready.

    Wait a little and try again! 


  • We just started solids on Monday and LO went from waking ever 2-3 hours to sleeping 5-8 hour stretches like magic! No issues with the 2 foods we've tried- sweet potatoes and bananas (both homemade purees).

    Maybe just try another veggie? Something gentler like squash maybe?


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  • I'd maybe try another food.

    My pedi told me start with orange foods (squash, pumpkin, carrots) because they're easier on the stomach due to the development of digestive enzymes. He said that's why people start with cereal but you don't have to. It's bland and just gets baby used to things. He then told me after orange to go to green, all the other colors, fruits and then meat.

    I committed nest blasphemy and started with cereal. My kid now naps like a dream lately (she always was a good night sleeper).

  • We started with rice cereal but he doesnt really eat much of it and I only give it to him at dinner time and not every day. I was worried about constipation so I wanted to move into it slowly.

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  • I hadn't heard the thing about orange first -- that is definitely worth a try!  I know even for adults, green veggies are the hardest to digest.  Thanks for the advice ladies!
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  • This is the order we were told: orange, yellow, green then fruit

    Come to think of it, we did peas yesterday and he had a hellofanight

    We didn't do any solids today because he had a shot and was ultra snuggly and had no interest in leaving me other than to nap.  

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  • image Birdies08:

    I would agree that at 4 months, he's probably just not ready.

    Wait a little and try again! 


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