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Name opinions... please!

I posted a few days ago about our name dilemma... I am 39 weeks tomorrow , and we do not have a definite name picked out. The choices so far are:




Lucas (not high on the list)

Well.. I really like the name Ethan- but it's pretty high in popularity. We live in TN, and it is # 6 or 7 for 2010. But, then when we went back to the year both my DH and I were born, the top few weren't even popular to speak of! 

The TN population is 6 million, and there were like 350 people born in 2010 with the name Ethan. That really is not a lot, considering...

I'm just so torn. Oh, and the middle name is Jon. 

I am getting nervous that we don't have the name.... Ughh :-</p>

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Re: Name opinions... please!

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