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Are you exercising??

I seem to have been healthier pre-pregnancy - I was eating healthier foods, working out fairly regularly. Now all I want is 'snack' foods and stuff that is SO not good for me! And exercise?! YEAH right. Can't get my tired butt off the couch. I want to start.though! Which leads me to my question!

Are you exercising during your pregnancy? If so, what are you doing??

Re: Are you exercising??

  • If you count lifting a poptart to my mouth then yes!
  • Here and there. I go to Stroller Strides with my son about 2 times a week. I need to be doing more. I gained waaaaay too much with my last pregnancy. Luckily, it came off.
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  • When Im feeling up to it, Ive been going to my regular low impact yoga classes. Not only does it let me get a bit of a sweat on, but it really calms my anxiety and eases my fears about my pregnancy. I feel more in touch with my baby when I leave class.

    I hope this helps! 

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  • I have been going for walks, and doing some yoga.  I just found out yesterday, and I don't usually exercise during the week.  Hopefully  I will continue.
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  • Well so far I have been...I'm doing more cardio than weight lifting though. I was going 4 days a week pre-pregnancy with a 10 minute cardio and weight training. I've just lowered my weights a little and increased my time on the elliptical. It actually has helped my energy level.
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  • I was exercising regularly before getting pregnant (everything from spinning to zumba). Now I'm just down to yoga (modified) and walking a couple miles a week on the treadmill. That is, of course, if I can get myself to the gym cause I've become quite lazy!

    And I'm all about junk food now. I want nothing healthy, its unbelievable! I wanted to eat super healthy for the pregnancy but this baby ain't having it! 

    You are not alone.

    Happy eating! =)

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  • Found some pregnancy workouts on Amazon. So far I've tried 'The perfect pregnancy workout' Volume 1 & 'Long & Lean prenatal workout'. They're not bad. The music and narration can get a little lame but easy to follow. All the videos I seem to find are mostly pilates or yoga. Some days I'll try and do my regular cardio but seem to get winded quicker or I'll kinda start to cramp. So I just stick to whats safe. 


  • My girlfriend just gave birth two and half weeks ago on a Tuesday via C-section ( medical necessity).. Anyways she was doing squats & cardio with me on Monday before she gave birth :) She worked out her whole pregnancy with me. I plan to do the same thing. I work out with weights and cardio 5 days a week and plan to continue what I am doing with adjustments as I need to. My Doctor told me to continue to workout the way I do but listen to my body. One of my best friends is a trainor and she worked out her whole pregnancy too .. She got her body back in 3 months! Baby is only 6 months and I swear she looks better ever time I see her!  Anyways I really want to make every effort to stay healthy. But I know everyone is different and I will follow my Dr's guidelines and listen to my body. 

     Everyone is different but I am lucky I was already in a routine so I will be able to continue. 

    But I did go to the gym yesterday even though I was super tired and after I left I felt great! Endorphins do wonders! I felt like I drank some coffee lol ... made me realize I just need to get there because I know I will feel better after.  Also it has helped with tummy issues in the past  so I am hoping it will keep the constipation to a minimum! 

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  • I've been trying to jog a couple days each week, and the boyfriend and I have been going for walks maybe twice a week. I've heard that exercise can make delivery go smoother, and well, I don't want to be a complete blimp at the end of this journey.

  • I do crossfit mom 5 days week.  Check them out at crossfitmom.com they post the workout of the day each day.  So my workouts are pre-planned.  I also take spin 3 times per week.  I find classes are more encouraging.  I worked out through both of my last pregnancies and plan to on this one as well.  It definitely helps in L&D.  With my first I pushed for 30 mins and he was out and my 2nd was out in 2 pushes.  When I hear people say they pushed for HOURS I can't even imagine.  All pregnancies are different.  Listen to your body and consult your doctor.  GL!
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  • I am still trying to go at least 3x's a week. I do spin or the elliptical machine and some mat exercises. I agree it is hard to fight the fatigue...if I am going to go it has to be right after work or I wont do it.

  • I bought a cheap treadmill on Craigslist so that I could walk at home during my pregnancy and after. Unfortunately I'm so exhausted I haven't really used it yet. Hopefully 2nd tri gets better.
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  • I'm walking and doing Prenatal Yoga Videos 3 days a week to help keep me stretched out and flexible for hopefully an easier birthing.
  • Prior to pregnancy, I would lift heavy free weights with 6-8 reps), do sprints a couple days a week, and then do steady state cardio a couple days a week.

     Now I try to do a total body cirucuit of weights on the machines at the gym (but with lighter weight and 10-15 reps).  And I try to do this 2-3 times a week.

     On the other days, I try to walk my dogs for at least 30 mins.

     I am a nurse, and I walk around all day, so on the days when I work, I don't usually walk on the treadmill at the gym or at home "for cardio".

  • I was doing 6-mile jogs before I got pregnant. Doctor told me I could keep running but to take it a bit easier. So I've been jogging two miles, then walking for a mile or so. Then doing some inclines, cycling, light weight lifting, etc.

    Also walking a mile in the morning 4-5 times a week.

    I feel more tired than usual, but no m/s (yet). Hoping I can stick with my routine throughout my pregnancy.

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  • At this point, all I am doing is brisk walking for about 30 minutes a day and alternating days I try to lift 5 lb. dumbbells. You should make sure your physician gives you the go-ahead, though.Smile
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  • I am running about 4-5 times a week (3-4 short runs w/ a long run on the weekends) as well as yoga, strength training and core. 
    My Running Blog!

    2012: Running & Race Accomplishments:

    2-12-12: Riverview Winter Fest 4 mile, 34:59 8:45 pace - 23 weeks pregnant
    2-29-12: Leap Year 4 mile, 36:45 9:11 pace - 25.5 weeks pregnant
    3-11-12: Corktown 5K, 28:33 9:13 pace - 27 weeks pregnant
    3-25-12: Rock CF Island Half Marathon, 2:11:03 10:00 pace - 29 weeks pregnant
    4-16-12 Boston Marathon, deferring to 2013
    8-11-12: Run thru Hell 10 mile or 4.8 mile
    9-30-12: Brooksie Way Half Marathon
    10-21-12: Grand Rapids Marathon
    11-22-12: Detroit Turkey Trot 10K

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  • Absolutely!! I'm still doing cardio + weights for 40 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week. I figure it'll get tougher as pregnancy progresses so better take advantage now while I still can. I find exercising makes me feel better and gives me energy. I feel worse on the weekends when I'm just being lazy.

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  • you're five weeks don't worry about it...with MS and the like, you eat what you can get down...LO will take what s/he needs from you, take your prenatals and as far as excersing.  I did until about week 8 and then not again with great consistency until month 5 because I was just too tired and nauseous.  I am not 8 months and except for this week when I've had a cold, I've been to the gym 5 times a week.  It won't last forever, rest now your body is doing ALOT of work right now
  • I know the energy sucks. As soon as I slowed down my workout regimen, the hormones went crazy & I gained a large amount of weight very fast. I still workout 3-4 times a week. I do spin classes and light jogs. It's pretty rough dragging yourself out, I'm on the East Coast and its getting so cold! I rather go home after work and bundle up on the couch.

    I was an avid runner and was training for a half marathon when I found out the news but due to the breast pain and cramping, I missed out on my race.

    My OB said just listen to my body and don't push too hard. I'm devasted to have lost my hot body but I also don't want to hurt my baby either.

    Keep at it and do what you can!

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  • I used to run at least every other day before I got pregnant, then I had wretched morning sickness and now my doctor is telling me not to run, to stick with something low impact like stationary bike or swimming... trouble is you have to pay for that kind of exercise. Before all I needed was a pair of running shoes, now I need a gym membership :( It's too cold outside to walk for cardio...
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  • I usually run 14-20 miles a week prior to being pregnant. My doctor said to continue to work out just do not over exert myself. I now do around 10 miles a week at slightly lower intensity. I still have been able to maintain my strength training, but that was never intense to begin with. Fatigue makes it difficult but I try to go at to the gym 5 times a week, even if it means walking up hill. 
  • I was very active pre-pregnancy; however, in the first trimester I had no energy for exercise and I dealt with my nausea by eating :) needless to say I put on more weight then I expected in the first 3-4 mos (I was on the low side of normal weight to start). Now that I am at 20 weeks, I feel great and have been walking on the treadmill almost every day (started out with 30 min and work up to 50 min) and am practicing yoga 2-3 times a week at home (bought Shiva Rea's prenatal DVD and whole foods and it is great!).
  • I was a regular runner before pregnancy and because of the exhaustion, stopped working out for 2 months! 23 weeks now and have been walking 1.5 miles/day for 2 weeks and can already see a major difference in my body, energy, eating habits, and digestive. It does wonders!! Definitely go at your own pace but keep it up and you will, without a doubt, see great results :)
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