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groin pain! Feel like i pulled a muscle!?

Okay,  just making sure i didnt do anything crazy - out of nowhere my groin area has become extremely sore- i am going on week 35 here and this new pain has me walking funny and hard to bend down and get back up, etc... anybody else dealing with this?  Is this the baby going down that is doing it?  Will it go away or am i gonna have to deal with this till delivery?  Any helpful advice appreciated! :)
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Re: groin pain! Feel like i pulled a muscle!?

  • Oh no!   I've had this since about week 23...what I've been told is that baby is laying on a nerve.  I was SURE I'd pulled a muscle and that it would get better and when it didn't, I had no clue what was going on, so I asked my OB.   I hope yours gets better, but my little girlie has decided to hang out on that nerve since then and I've even had a decent amount of swelling with the pain at times..especially after being on my feet for a long time.  The only thing I can get to relieve some of the pain are ice packs, hot baths and salon pas patches.  Good luck!!
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  • I just made it to week 35 myself and started noticing groin pain last week. I wish I had some helpful advise. Some times stretching helps my pain there but not always. My best guess would be because baby is turning downward. And I'm also guessing it'll be like this the last 5 weeks.

    I feel your pain! Good luck!

  • I have this also. One day, I just felt like I had pulled some muscles right where my legs meet my groin! Putting on pants and rolling over in bed were the most difficult. I haven't yet spoken to my doctor about it yet, but from what I understand, it sounds like SPD, or Symphysis pubis dysfunction. It's okay in the morning, but I am so sore by the end of the night. 

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  • I've had the same thing for the last 6 weeks and my doctor told me it was Round Ligament Pain and just my body's way of getting ready for baby (I hit 36 weeks Sunday and it hasn't gotten any better). I usually just take a warm bath and or take some tylenol. Not a huge help but good luck!!
  • I've had groin pains for about 2 months now, my doctor said since this is my 2nd everything stretches faster, and that this pain is just my muscles stretching and making room for the baby. It has gotten a lot better since I started sleeping with a pillow between my legs.
  • I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow and i've been having this issue alllllllll week!! At first I thought something was going crazy but I was told it's normal about this time :)

     I see the dr. on the 9th for a visit and growth scan, i'm curious to see how much she's grown! Must have been a good growth spurt because it feels like my stomach had exploded in the last week!



  • I was told that it was due to the pelvic bones/area loosening to prepare for delivery. Sounds great huh? It started at about 36 weeks with DS but it started about 2 weeks ago this time around (32ish weeks) It's sooo annoying. Sleeping with a pillow between your legs helps a little.
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  • I'm so glad you asked this question...I have this really bad on one side and I only really notice it at night when I'm rolling over or trying to get out of bed...ofcourse I just felt it now when I kicked my feet out in front of me!  I was sure I pulled a muscle but I guess its pretty common! I've had it for maybe 6 weeks now...hopefully my little man gets here soon and I can start the recovery process!!! GL!
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