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Telling my boss today - freaking out!

Hello everyone,

 I started my job at the end of July and found out I was pregnant at the end of September. I am finally telling my boss today -- I need to because (1) I am losing sleep worrying about it, (2) I have had a lot of doctor's appointments and more are coming and (3) I am starting to show. I just need to get it over with but I am super nervous about it. My boss is not the nicest woman in the world. She is old and has no kids, so I don't think she will sympathize at all...and she doesn't work in my office so I have to tell her over the phone (that could be a plus though!). Any advise, or simply some kind words would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone!!

Re: Telling my boss today - freaking out!

  • I just wanted to wish you luck! I was worrying about telling my boss too but it turned out that he was really supportive. I hope that it goes well for you too. Smile
  • I'm worried about the same thing.  My boss is middle aged and has no children.  I just started my job in June and found out I was preg in Nov.  I'm very nervous so I plan on waiting as long as I can.

  • I was really worried about telling my boss, too. He ended up being really happy for me, and just asked if I was planning on working til term, and to keep him up to date on any physical restrictions that I may have. 

    I think with your boss, I wouldn't expect sympathy, but there's nothing your boss can do about your being pregnant. You're just doing your professional duty to let her know what's going on, and she can't penalize you for being pregnant.  


  • I am nervous about telling too!! My boss is great and the ladies and gents that I work with are great so I am not worried about the actual telling... I am going to wait until after Christmas though.... (only 7 weeks right now)....

    One lady I work with is in her 50's and couldnt have kids. Last year I had a another coworker pregnant and this lady rubbed her belly EVERYDAY!!!I I just dont like the idea of the belly rubbing!!! Maybe that will change when I get the belly but I just dont want that!!!!! HAHAH

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