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I think my prenatal is making me sicker than I normally would be. Is that possible? Is there anything else I could take to supplement the folic acid? I haven't taken it in two days, I'm taking a flintstones vitamin. Silly I know, but I haven't been as sick as I had been.


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  • I also mentioned I thought mine was mine sick and my MIL who has 4 kids and works in the medical field suggested either taking it at night instead of in the morning or taking it every other day. I have been taking it with my dinner in the evening and my nausea has decreased.

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  • You could just take a folic acid supplement in addition to the flinstone vitamin.
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  • Folic Acid is very important for your growing baby...so it's vital that you take it. Do you take your prenatal in the day? Try taking it at night with dinner or before you go to bed...it might help with the nausea. I'm thinkin' Flintstones vitamins aren't going to cut it ;-P

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  • Thank you all! I will take it tonight at dinner.
  • Hi there! I've had HORRENDOUS M/S and I think my Pre-Natal had a lot to do with it. When I talked to my dr. he actually suggested taking Flintstones chewable or gummy vitamins, so if that is helping you, and you are eating healthy, then you are fine with that.

    Folic Acid is HUGELY important, but the recommended amount of Folic Acid is 400mg, and you get 300mg from the Flintstones, and should easily get an extra 100mg from the veggies you eat, or you can take a supplement of Folic Acid. I read that you can?t overdose on Folic Acid, so you can take 1 or two tablets in addition if you need to.  

    ANOTHER suggestion, I got from my lovely group of Knotties turned Bumpies... is a Rx Pre-Natal Vitamin called OB-Trex DHA. I started taking that last week, and I am happily surprised that I can say, it's been 3 days since my last visit to the Porcelain God. :)

    I hear around 12-14 weeks, it should go away on it's own, but I know how you feel! 

    I hope that helps and you will start to get better soon!!



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  • So my prenatals were making me throw up I switched to gummy prenatals with dha and i dont get sick
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  • Yes. I called my doctor about this around 8w and he said it was ok not to take them. I wasn't ok with that, so I bought some gummy prenatals instead. Those helped but after a few weeks I couldn't handle the gummy anymore.  Now I am back to taking OTC prenatals (the prescription ones still make me feel sick). 

    2 flinstones/day is a good substitute, as is just taking a folic acid supplement - it is likely the iron in the prenatals that is causing the nausea. 

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  • Typically its the iron in the prenatals that can cause nausea.  Try switching brands, or the gummies, or taking 2 flinstone vitamins.  Your doc may have other suggestions too.
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  • image Aloe0l:
    Typically its the iron in the prenatals that can cause nausea.  Try switching brands, or the gummies, or taking 2 flinstone vitamins.  Your doc may have other suggestions too.


    THIS.  My doc said the same thing when I asked if they would make me sick.  I always take mine in the afternoon after a decent meal and so far no problems, let's hope it stays that way! 

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  • I was taking an OTC prenatal at my first appointment, and my OB asked me if I wanted her to write me a prescription for a prenatal.  I asked if it was much different than an OTC version, and she said to be honest, if I took two Flintstones vitamins, it would give me exactly the same thing as a prescription would.  She also said that often, prescriptions can cause women to feel sicker than OTC.  So according to MY OB, you are just fine :)  Just be sure you take two to get the max amount of folic acid.  The important thing is that you are taking something.
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  • My prenatals make me sick...i didnt take them yesterday and I was fine, but then When I took them this morning, I felt super nauseous. I think Im going to ask my doc to see if I can take the gummies instead...
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  • My doctor also suggested flinstone vitamins. They have everything you need in them. Just take 2/ daily. All prenatals made me sick as well. It is the iron content in them most likely

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