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Since we are talking kicks (still weird "shakes"??

So my little girl is super active and I absolutely love it.

But she still has those random weird/freaky flutters where it seems like her entire body is shaking. It is just so weird. It lasts just a couple seconds and that's it but it just seems so extreme.

I know we had this discussion probably 3 weeks or so, but was just wondering if you are still feeling this or was it more of a fluke for you ladies?


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Re: Since we are talking kicks (still weird "shakes"??

  • Yes! Like he's having a seizure in there or something!  It's happening alot less now than it was a month or so ago. It freaks me out.

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  • My LO has been doing the same thing.  I suspect he may be having some muscle spasms.  I figure that's normal as our LOs at this point can do anything a newborn can.  I don't think it's worth mentioning to the doctor personally, but maybe next time I should.
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  • I have been having them too. I did not feel shaking at all with my first two, and it really is a bizarre feeling. My SIL had it with one of her kids too, so I assume it is pretty normal.
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  • I was just worrying about this today!! Glad to hear that it sounds like it is pretty normal.
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  • thanks so much for responding! I do feel much better now as it seems to be pretty normal.

    It's just so freaky :/

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  • I've had that too, not as much anymore, I was concerned it does feel like its having a seizure, I decided that its kinda like when babies twitch when they are sleeping. Nothing I can do about it and the doc's not concerned so why worry!

  • I get those, too. I don't want to misquote my doctor, but I did talk to him about it and left the conversation feeling that this is a normal occurrence. He's been involved in studies about this and according to him it's not seizures and the behavior will not continue after birth. I hope that helps.
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  • I just figure it's kinda like when we get a good stretch in our whole body shudders... Maybe they are just attempting to stretch?

    But I do get these other wierd movements, more so in the past week or so. It feels like she is a monkey rattling it's cage! LOL... Happened in the middle of the night the 1st time (well, the 1st time I was awake to feel it anyway) and lasted between 2-3 minutes. I could feel her going crazy on both sides of my belly at the same time!

    I asked the nurse about it the next day, thinking she might have been in distress or something. She said "A moving baby is a healthy baby... If she was in distress, there would be no movement at all."

    Made me feel better... I guess I just have a monkey that goes crazy in the middle of the night!

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  • I feel this occasionally. Probably once or twice a week. She's super active though, so I just chalk it up to that!
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  • Yes, my LO does that too. No idea what it is!
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  • I feel them too. If you've spent enough time around newborns you know that they do this after they come out too. Sometimes they just sort of shudder, like PP said, kind of like how sometimes you might shudder when you are getting a good stretch.

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  • I had this the other night, and all I could imagine was that she was shaking from laughter as she had just creeped me out by running her hand down one of my ribs. If she's my child, she'll be devious and looks like she already is. Especially with the nurses. They're always telling me about how she's feisty already.

  • I have those shakes every now and then. I think it's the baby turning or some movement that requires the whole body. We had an ultrasound yesterday and the baby was very curled up and squished. So I can imagine to turn over or stretch out would feel like this shaking feeling because of the movement.
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