Question about teething

Did your LO start teething at the "typical" 4-6 months actual or adjusted? DS has been drooling like crazy, likes to suck on his hands and stick his tongue in and out...are these signs of the start of teething? He'll be 4 months on Dec.4th...
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Re: Question about teething

  • Mine is doing the exact same thing...drooling, sucking on his hand and the tongue thing.  He also gets more fussy more often...  Our pedi said it was teething but the actual teeth may not come for months...
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  • Our DS started acting like that around 3 months adjusted but didn't actually get any teeth until about 8 weeks ago (so just about 8 months adjusted). Things are probably starting to move around in there, but it may be a while until he cuts any teeth though. We were told that when he starts drooling a lot, it's because the teeth are pushing but then they can stop or go back down. Basically, teething sucks!
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  • Sounds right compared to us! DS started teething around 3/4 actual and got his "first tooth" a few weeks ago (just before Halloween, actually) - and you can see two more. None of the teeth are in - they've just broken through the gums. He's almost eight actual so my guess is that teething is the gift that keeps on giving ;P
  • So...he very well could be in the beginning stages then I is a good thing his great Nanny is getting Sophie for him for Christmas! Maybe by then he'll be able to hold onto her and chew on her if he wants!
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  • Andrew got his first tooth at 9 months actual, 6 months adjusted.

    Elliott has no teeth yet at 6 actual, 5 adjusted. 

     Drool/chewing/fussiness even can last a while before teeth appear, they could be starting to move.. it is possible to get teeth early (a friend's son got his before 3 months, not a preemie) but unlikely to be quite so early.

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  • Maeva just started teething right at 4 months (2m2w adjusted) and is trying to get that first tooth to come through.
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