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If any moms who have previously had a c-section and then decided to do a VBAC please share your story. I am debating on whether or not to have one after a c-section. Also they don't preform them here in my city but I can go an hour and a half away and have one so I am torn on what to do but I am leaning towards VBAC. Thanks.
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  • I have not had one yet but I can tell you why I want one...

    I had my daughter after an emergency c/s and 48 hr failed induction. She was at 34 weeks.

    I really want a VBAC becasue I feel like the end of my pregnancy was kinda taken from me. I for probably selfish reasons want to experince what most people experince, pain and all!

  • I am hoping for a VBAC also this time, because I've been told that generally the healing process is much faster. My Dr's and hospital completely support them as long as i'm a good candidate for it. They also told me that they wouldn't let me labor to long or hard for fear of my incision breaking open. A chance to try for a vaginal birth is all I can ask for though. I don't want to do any harm to the baby or myself.
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  • I'm trying for a vbac and hopefully it'll happen! I didn't want a C with DS at all, but for a bunch of reasons and things that happened during his labor, there was no other option. :(

    I had a great recovery, but the overall experience wasn't what I wanted. I want so badly to deliver my baby vaginally and be able to hold him within seconds of his delivery. I didn't get to hold DS for almost 2 hours after my C. :( Plus I want the "surprise" of going into labor. I don't want to have to plan a C, that would give me a lot of anxiety waiting for it.

    It's a personal decision, some people prefer another C. Talk to your OB and read about it. Also visit the VBAC board.

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  • I attempted a VBAC with #2. Went into labor spontaneously, dilated to 10, pushed for several hours, and ended up with another c-section. Totally worth it to me, even though I was really disappointed.
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  • So would you have to switch doctors if the closest facility for VBACs is 1.5 hours away?  I would also be a bit concerned about being that far from the hospital when you go into labor. 


    Im going to try for a VBAC but my regular OB is completely supportive. Check out the VBAC board (link at left) for more info.  

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    DS1 born June 2008 | m/c at 9w March 2011 | DS2 born April 2012
  • I'm hoping for a VBAC because we want another baby not too long after this one, hopefully.  If I ended up having a c-section, fine, as long as we are both healthy, but I think it's definitely safer for the next pregnancy to have a VBAC.
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  • Hoping for a VBAC as well. My doctor is all for it if I am a good candidate. She said we'll schedule a CSection for on or the day after my due date, and if I go into labor on my own that is great and we'll take it from there. IF I do not go into labor before my due date or on my own, i'll come in for my scheduled C Section and she'll evaluate me from there. If my cervix is ripe and ready then she will induce, if not we'll do the CSection. 
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