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Good Morning,

 Anyone else started "nesting"? I thought this was ridiculous when I originally read about it, now I spend my days at work day dreaming of the closets I can clean out and how much extra space I'm going to have when I'm done going through everything.

Yesterday I put in a closet organizer and cleaned our bedroom, which will also be baby's room top to bottom... at 9pm. It was like I could not stop!

My husband thinks I've lost it lol.

Re: Nesting

  • I can't wait til this kicks in. Because right now I feel like I'm the laziest person in the world lol
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  • This is me! Except I think I have been nesting since week 1! LOL My husband has remodeled half our house, put together the baby furniture, and I have been constantly cleaning and organizing and re-cleaning and re-organizing! Its crazy!
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  • Yep. I went from barely moving a few weeks ago to cleaning out my attic this past weekend. This weekend is the basement. I can't stop cleaning and organizing, and when I'm not doing that I'm making lists of all the things I'm going to clean and organize. Luckily my husband is extremely patient, since for each of my lists he gets a honey do list. Poor guy!Wink
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  • I get the nesting in spurts.  I had one a week ago at 1:30am where I hung pictures in baby's room and cleaned off a massive pile of stuff on the kitchen table.  I even had the motivation last night to do the dishes (it's been DH's job since the smell of food on the dishes started making me nauseous).  I'm looking forward to the baby shower this weekend so I can spend next week organizing what we have and deciding what we still need to get.

    Most of the time though, I'm a bump on a log.  When the acid reflux gets bad, I just want to sit on the couch until it goes away.

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  • I have been cleaning and organizing these last couple weekends.  We had my family down last weekend and they will be here again for Xmas, so I think a lot of it has to do with guests coming. 

    I think my plan this week is to finish up in the baby's room.  We shall see. 

  • I think my nesting phase is over. I just don't have the energy right now.  Once I got over my morning sickness, I was an insane busy bee, probably up until 25-26 weeks. I've always been a busy person tho, so it's difficult for me to not have any energy to even do things as simple as reheat some supper.
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  • I've been out of control the last few weeks. I don't remember doing this in my prior pregnancies, but I will literally wake up at 4am to clean out closets. DH thinks it's funny b/c I have never been so on top of laundry, and I deep clean everything now...things that are usually his job. I've also organized the kids closets and drawers multiple times, and donated lots of clothes and toys.
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  • hahaha it's TRUE, I joined the Nesting club last few weeks...Pantry, closents and basements are spic&span!!..Next job is to wipe the walls but my DH won't let me... So I'm waiting on him to do that :)
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