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QUESTION....Am I crazy to think this????

Ok- SO I had an ultrasound at my first prenatal appointment last Thursday.... My OB was not able to find a heartbeat- and tne baby was measuring way behind where it should be at this point---- I am scheduled to have a D & C tomorrow morning..... My concern is that I still have a lot of pregnancy symptoms- no spotting and no cramping.... Is there any way that there could be something wrong with the ultrasound machine???? Could teh Dr be wrong??? Will they do another ultrasound before teh D & C just to make sure???? I am 99% sure the Dr is correct- but I woke up with this fleeting thought that maybe there was something wrong with the ultrasound machine..... maybe I am just clutching to any sort of hope....
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Re: QUESTION....Am I crazy to think this????

  • I had the same concerns as you.  I was 9w and baby was measuring 7w with no hb.  I thought "well the girl that did the u/s was young, maybe she didnt know what she was doing" and all the same thoughts you are having.  I did not get another u/s rather i went in the next day for d&e.  I did think something was wrong though because my pregnancy symptoms all stopped and I started cramping and spotting.  I would let your doctor know your concern and see what they are willing to do to ease your fears.  Sorry for your loss, I know it is hard thing to go through but it does get a little easier every day that passes.  
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  • In my experience, they will not do another u/s before a d&c. You will most likely be in an OP surgery dept, not an obstetrics dept. If you have any doubts, I would call your doctor today and see if they can set one up for this afternoon or tomorrow before the d&c.

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  • When I went for my D&C they did do an ultrasound since my last blood work showed my numbers were still rising. I would definitely ask them to perform one before the procedure. 
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  • You are not crazy, I asked my doctor multiple times if she was sure our baby was gone. I was 13w5d when we went in for our routine appt. only to find our baby without a heartbeat, and the baby was measuring 11w2d. I even asked her as they were wheeling me in for the D&C. So no, you are not crazy. I'm so sorry for your loss. (((hugs)))
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  • I'm so sorry, but I was in your shoes a few weeks ago. Our 1st ultrasound at 8w2d showed the baby only measured 6w2d and there was no heartbeat. It was really hard to believe because like you, I didn't have any cramping or spotting. I just had noticed that my sore boobs were not as sore and I didn't "feel" pregnant. But I know a lot of ladies on here still had nausea even though their baby was gone :(

    My doctor immediately sent me for bloodwork to check my HCG amount. Exactly a week later, I was sent for another blood draw and ultrasound - my HCG dropped 10000 points and the ultrasound showed the same thing.

    How far along were you? I would bring your concerns up with your Dr, perhaps he can do a blood draw to verify things.


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  • I had the exact same concerns. I was measuring little and had no sign of active baby. So no your not crazy at all. And of course we want to hold on to any hope at all that baby is still there. Unfortunately before my d&c I had a miscarriage on my own. But if I were you, I would want to go in there with no doubts at all so maybe if they don't normally do an ultrasound, ask them too. Just don't walk away from it with doubt!! GL
  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I felt the same way.  There is no harm in waiting, you can always put the D&C off for a week and check again.

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  • I am so sorry. It is hard to hear that they couldnt find a hb. I was told twice that they couldnt find a heart beat with two different us and the baby was measuring a week late. However, ask for another us. I was going in for a d&c on monday and they did another us (3rd) and the doc wouldnt do one because my yolk sac was round and not collapsed. we are waiting for another week to go back in and see if there was any growth what so ever. eventhough we saw blood above the baby and i have had 3.5 weeks of cramping, he wanted to be sure. Just ask for another us. good luck.
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