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December Mom is looking more realistic

I spent most of yesterday at the hospital with preterm contractions.  Through medication they were able to stop them.  I'm now on bedrest and my OB just wants me to make it 2 more weeks to ensure lung development.  My due date was 1-2-12 but now I'm thinking december is more likely.  Have any of you expierenced preterm contractions?  If you did, did you have the baby early?
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Re: December Mom is looking more realistic

  • I have been having preterm contractions since I was 24 weeks pregnant. I have been being monitored weekly for cervix changes and also doing non stress tests. I was actually just in labor and delivery again last night for contractions but they were able to stop them again. We are hoping to make it another 3-4 weeks. GOOD LUCK with you and your LO.
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  • I went to Triage friday night for 10+ contractions/hour for 3 hours.  They were roughly 7-8 minutes apart and by the time I was registered they were 2-3 minutes apart.  I received 2 shots of brethine...holy hell!  They did eventually stop but i was told not to go to work that next night.  I'm stil contracting but they said as long as my cervix remains closed they aren't concerned.  Good luck
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  • I went to L & D Thursday for contractions and was put on bed rest for the rest of the week. My OBGYN told me my cervix was closed, but my cervix is soft and the LO has dropped a little. She doubts I will make my 1/11/12 date and will probably have the baby in December.

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