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So do I cave in and buy it?  I was at Apple today, and DD who is 3 yo can really use it!  I was so impressed, that makes me want to buy it more than anything...So if you have one, can you tell me why you love it?  I need a little more persuasion before I buy it!

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Re: Ipad?

  • I love Apple products and bought the first one when it came out.  But, I ended up selling it because I had a laptop at the time and felt it was a little overkill.

    I see the appeal for having one with a toddler around, so I'll probably end up getting one when the next generation comes out.

    It's a great piece of technology and everyone uses it for different things, so I'd really think about what you and your family would use it for before you spend the $.

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  • I have one and enjoy it. I got a good deal on it though...

    I use mine for wireless internet when we travel, so I don't need my laptop. I have some games/apps for myself, a few movies on it for myself and apps and movies for the kids. The kids use it when we travel, when I'm desperate (like in a doctor's office) to occupy them, or occasionally to keep them silent for a really important (i.e. work) phone call. I find keeping it a treat makes it really effective. It's super easy for my 2 y/o to use and there really are great apps.

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  • you absolutely must get one.

    DS has been watching sesame st. and playing with the touch screen since 6 mos. He's now 16 mos and still loves it. 

    DH and I wouldn't be able to survive a day w/o it. Provides enough entertainment to keep him occupied for a few minutes to an hour when we need both hands free.



  • We have one, and LOVE it. It is very cool with the apps that they have for children, too. Something we always do with Apple Products is purchase from Amazon- no tax! It still comes with the Apple full warranty, but it helps us to save on a product that is rarely on sale. 


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  • I love it because it saves me when I need something to keep DD occupied. Now that I'm on bed rest because of this pregnancy it's been a lifesaver.

    She knew the whole alphabet and how to count before she was 2 1/2 and I think the iPad apps had a lot to do with that. It's hers really; DH and I never use the thing!

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