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2nd pregnancy totally different

First pregnancy I didn't have any symptoms aside from fatigue and my face broke out super bad.

 This time I have clear skin (thank god) but I am nauseous, tired, have insomnia...yuck!

 Let's see if this one is a girl and that is what is making it so different.


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Re: 2nd pregnancy totally different

  • All my pregnancies have been the same as for symptoms both for my boy and girl!

    But yay for clear skin!!! 

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  • I have felt a little different as well. With my first baby my breasts were sore and I awful headaches. This time around no sore breasts or headaches. I am hoping the morning sickness stays away as well.
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  • My symptoms have been almost the same as yours.  With my son, my skin broke out so bad, I felt like I was in highschool but I had no m/s.  With this pregnancy, my skin is so clear I usually skip foundation.  Unfortunately this pregnancy I have had morning sickness and I am so tired
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  • All 3 of mine have been completely different! It will be interesting to see what this one is too since I have one of both and these symptoms are a mixture of both! Yikes I hope it is not one of both! LOL!
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  • With DS, I was hungry ALL THE TIME. and i always craved beef and salty foods.

    But so far with this one I barely hungry and i am craving sweet things but cant stand salty foods.


    So far different

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  • I dont feel any different yet.  but its still early.

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    H 7.31.2012
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  • This is my 2nd pregnancy and it is totally different than the 1st time around. The 1st time around, I knew I was pregnant because my boobs were really sore. I had morning sickness until ike 14 weeks. I had a girl!

    This time around, I have barely any symptoms and my skin is broke out so bad, as soon as some clears up, bam, there are 3 more blemishes! Ugh!

    Maybe this means I am having a boy this time!

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  • My 2nd pregnancy has been totally different so far too.  My 1st pregnancy I was a little bit fatigued & had killer heartburn, but that was about it.  This pregnancy I've had it all...horrible fatigue, nausea, headaches, extremely sore boobs, blah!!   I had a boy the first time around, so we'll see how this one turns out!  
  • The only thing I remember about first PG was that I had aweful heartburn and a wicked chicken aversion, oh yeah and the whole spotting thing.. this time around, I have had scant spotting, some weird cramping, some nausea and OMG, the BB are so Sore and sensitive.. OH and I think I am already craving meat and salt!

    Yay for clear skin for you Smile

  • 1st was DS- pukes within an hour of eating no matter what it was. had massive heartburn as well. Both stopped when i started taking Zantac around 14 weeks. I also was carrying really low, only could stand eating fruit-cherries and berries, Subway an Quizno veggie subs and McD spicy chicken and their cheeseburgers. This time, I can't stomach fruit or juice, McD and really anything from before.I'm also carrying high this time around so we're hoping it's a girl. Oh, an I've haven't thrown up much just been constantly nauseous. The best meal I've had... the one i didn't feel horrible after was Miso soup and a veggie sushi roll...yes all veggie, rice and seaweed.
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  • Completely different this second time around. 

    When I had my DS, I had no m/s, skin was clear, not much in way of sleepiness, no insomnia, and just craved fruit all the time. When I felt a tad but queasy, I just drank ice cold water.

    Now that I am on number 2,it has been the absolute opposite. I have had unbearable all-day-long sickness, spotting here and there that goes away as quick as it comes, pimples galore, no appetite, no cravings, and just want to sleep the whole day away. The insomnia, it think is caused by waking up in the middle of the night to deal with nausea or bladder. I think this one is going to be a girl as I am already getting grief. 

    I guess they say that if you have the opposite than before (a boy), it'll be a different sex (girl) this time around. Hope it's true

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