3rd Trimester

Today was the last time

Today was the last time I will be able to paint my toenails while pregnant. Sad  It was very difficult and uncomfortable.  They don't look too bad, but next time I'm going somewhere for a pedi or DH is going to have to step it up and do it for me!

What other things have you done for the last time during this pregnancy?

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Re: Today was the last time

  • Well, I just trimmed the lady bits for probably the last time.  It did not go well.  Ugh.
  • I thought about doing my toes last night, and then remember the struggle to get my socks on that morning.  I need a pedi in a bad way!
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  • My feet are some kind of gross! I am holding out on a pedi for a little while longer because I don't feel like going twice. Lazy and cheap I guess. 
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  • Using toe-nail clippers...it was a PITA...DH will either have to step up, or I'll have to get a pedicure. :)
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  • Shave my legs while sitting down in the bath tub. Officially can't do that anymore unless I want hairy patches all over

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  • Just about 38weeks here

    -have'nt been able to attend to my lady grooming for about 10weeks(can't see that area at all anymore)

    -trimming toenails is DH's job

    -putting on socks is also DH's job

    -if I drop something on the floor it stays there till DH gets home lol

    I'm sure theres more but those are the top ones.O.k I have a few more.

    -taking a bath

    -having sex in any position

    -sleeping through the night in any position

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  • A pedi is a definite must!

    I have a sister going through beauty school so I go in and see her quite often. Only $13 for a pedi there, so I don't feel so bad getting them done so often :) 

    Even shaving my legs has been a chore. You have to make sure you spread your legs enough for the belly to hang down a little bit. So awkward. 

  • doing ayhthing with my feet that cannot be "slipped on"

    landscaping the lady parts....tried stadning in front of a mirror...didn't go well

    wearing maternity pants that aren't jeans...all my dress maternity pant fail to fit now, jeans and skirts are oK..not buying the next size up for two months to go

    sleeping..it seems virtually at all

    having sex (because DH is convinced he will hurt the baby or that an orgasm will immediately expel her from my uterus)

    eating a full meal-grazing only is my forecasted future...

  • I'm going to get a pedi tomorrow, my toes are in bad shape and there's no way I'm reaching them right now. It's been bugging me for a while and I had a hard couple days, so today DH said "tomorrow morning you just get up and go get a pedicure, me and C will stay here and hang out." He can be so awesome sometimes! He offered to do them for me, but they need to be trimmed and shaped and painted and I don't trust him to not screw it up, lol. When I see the shape HIS feet are in I don't want him near mine!
  • My toes are hard to reach too. Im getting a pedicure, I figure if someone else is going to paint them, they might as well rub them too!
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  • wearing shoes that tie. I've went back to 2007 and am now wearing crocs alot. They aren't the cutest thing but they slip on and are comfortable.
  • wow alot of this is starting to sound so familiar to me. One from my previous pregnancy (in 08) and then what I'm beginning to go through now. 

    I'll be 27 weeks on Friday and It's already begun. I've not tried to landscape (if you will) the lady parts in almost 2 weeks now. (ive thought about trying at least once more lol). I've already started having lower back pains. Sex isn't very pleasurable for the most. The constant urge to have something to drink is back, the frequent trips to the bathroom. It's hard to put my socks and shoes on. Or even sit in one position *unless in a really comfy chair*, for very long.

     I know I'm just about in the 3rd trimester (technically), but I didn't expect these things to start for a few more weeks.  

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  • LOL!! Love it!! I have been wearing crocs this last month. I am due for induction  (is that how you say it?) well... due to be induced on 11/28 so yeah since Halloween my feet have been super duper swollen! Cant fit into any other shoes exept my crocs. :) no matter how long or how much I keep my feet elevated ... they wont go down :( I give up.

    *If I need socks... DH puts them on, the sweetest cutest thing is he runs to me and takes my socks away and does it himself... awwww <3
    *I still trim the lawn but it's a lot of blind guessing lol I wonder what my doctor thinks when she looks down there lol!!
    *My sweet DH... he paints my toe nails, even though he says my 6yr old does a better job... I love that he volunteers and tries :)

    I am thankful I have such a wonderful caring Hubby <3

  • Putting on socks -- finally gave up yesterday and let DH do it.  I live in my slip-on B?rn clogs, $30 at TJ Maxx, best pregnancy purchase ever.

    Landscaping.  I had a wax done a couple months ago, and I'm thinking about going again but I think it's too close to birth.  Don't want to add irritation & redness to my labor pains!

    We are still giving sex the ol' college try... but it is pretty awkward, especially because DH keeps worrying that I'm not enjoying it, and that makes HIM not enjoy it, so then it's just no fun for both of us.  But, we keep hope alive... and the orgasms sometimes bring on contractions, so that's always good. 

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