Potty Training

How do you "re-start" PT (Kinda Long)

DS is 28 months and we have been trying to potty train for almost 6 weeks now. He has his good days, which means he only pees 1 or 2 times in his pull up, and he always poops in his pants. On the good days he is pretty good about telling me and/or daycare that he has to go, or will go when prompted. But then he has this whole other side to him. We will notice that he is acting like he has to poop, or he will start to poop and we will rush him off to the toilet to try to go and he refuses. He will hold it for hours and throw fits not to poop in the toilet. Then he has bad days where he just flat out refuses to use the toilet pees and poops in his pants (we have tried underwear, or naked at home, but due to the amount of accidents we have resorted to Pull Ups. And he has no problem with peeing on the floor if he's having a "bad" day). He will throw complete temper tantrums if we try to get him to go on the toilet and he "doesn't want to". So I fear that we started him too soon and we should take a break, or possibly try some new method. We started off with a gummi bear when he went, but even then he was hit and miss on if he would go, and at daycare they cannot offer rewards. Pee and Poop dances are still done every time he goes, but he doesn't seem to care anymore. Should I just stop for a while and try again later? If we do that, how do we re-start?? So flustered by this ongoing battle.
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